The Real-time Strategy (RTS) genre always seems like it'd be a perfect fit for mobile, yet despite that, we've seen very few titles that actually manage to deliver the fast-paced gameplay and unit control of the late 90s. Now, the team behind Alchemy War wants to deliver a combination of these two special elements to all its beloved fans.

Alchemy War Pioneer
Alchemy War: Pioneer hits the Android Store with its beta version.

In practice, Alchemy War is actually a mix of the MOBA and rogue-like genres, while still retaining a late-90s vibe from the old RTS games' tactics style. You will have a limited number of specialized units but your mission is to complete a whole level no matter what.

However, the most enjoyable thing in this game should be the character. Each unit has its own appearance and is easily distinguished just by a glance at its model. The developers even put in some cartoon words floating over our enemies when they are defeated. It seems Alchemy War actually received some careful attention from its makers.

RTS battle of Alchemy War

The UI is possibly the biggest issue with Alchemy Wars at the moment. Too many things are cramped up in there: A loot bag, a mini-map, an objective menu, and a tactics bar. In mobile devices that don't have enough space, it's really hard to read some of the small text included.

Alchemy War Pioneer1
Human is the only race available at the moment.

The beta version of Alchemy War, named Alchemy War: Pioneer, just hits the Google Play. Do note that at the moment the Human kingdom is the only one available for you to conquer. The game is still under development, of course, but if you won't mind getting some interesting experience of the combat and storyline in Alchemy War, don't hesitate to give it a try.

A new version is reportedly coming next month. We should expect some additional features and performance, gameplay update along with new contents to come with this version. Six kingdoms, 43 dungeons and more than 120 kinds of units are waiting for players to explore.