It’s Monday again, and we are back with another summary of the top 5 new Android Games that was just released in the previous week. You are probably too familiar with this series of posts anyway, so without further ado, let’s get straight into it:

Stardew Valley

Yes, Stardew Valley has finally come to Android. No introduction is needed for it at this point, and with this Android release, the legendary farming simulation title is now available on every gaming platform. So what are you waiting for? Get out there, build the farm of your dream, mingle with the locals, and explore the magnificent Stardew Valley right now!


Pixelot is a brand new RPG on mobile that sets out to revive the classics such as Final Fantasy. Everything you’d expect from a 90s RPG is there, from the quirky and adorable pixel graphics to the strategic turn-based combat. Of course, there will also be a full team of heroes, each with their own characters, for you to get to know.

Returner Zhero

Returner Zhero is technically a sequel to the puzzle game Returner 77, but it will tell a completely different story. In this game, you will be a scientist trapped in an alien spaceship and must solve various challenging puzzles to find your way back home. Returner Zhero is highly praised for its gorgeous graphics and creative riddles.

Wonder Park

Wonder Park is a simulator game based on a movie of the same name. Like its title suggests, in this game your task is to build a dream park and entertain your customers so that they’ll come back again.


LifeAfter is Nexon’s new take on the new zombie survival genre, and the developer has done a solid job. The game has stunning visuals and everything you’d expect: You’ll explore the environment, gather resources to build a base of your own, and team up with other survivors to fend off the zombies.