Coming from developer Dark Pyre Interactive, Star Titan is a brand new run-n’-gun shooter that has been designed from the ground up for the mobile platform. The game is available right now for both Android and iOS devices. Check out its trailer below:

Star Titan is intended to be a tribute to the classic mecha anime from the 80s and 90s, so you can expect an excessive amount of explosions happening at every turn. The story of the game will see you trying to bring down the Terran Conglomerate, an evil human military organization that has the ambition to dominate all species. Of course, the good folks are not having any of that, so scientists have used their knowledge to make formidable mechs called Titans.

Star Titan Gameplay 2a5a_wm
Control Titans to battle for humanity

In the actual game, you’ll get to choose between two mechs to control: the Behemoth and the Phoenix. The Behemoth is slow but can withstand tons of damage before falling, while the Phoenix is leaner and faster. Each comes with its own arsenal of weapons including lasers, cannons, and more. As you progress, you will earn credits which can be spent to upgrade their HP and damage, and there are also skins to customize their appearances.

From the trailer above, it seems that the control scheme is pretty straightforward, which is perfect for a mobile arcade game. You'll move your mech with an on-screen joystick on the left and pick your weapon on the right. Once a weapon is ready, you simply have to hold the fire button and slide your finger up and down to alter the direction of your shots.

Star Titan Gameplay 2 829e_wm
The controls are pretty straightforward

At the moment, the game offers 4 levels for you to blast your way through, and once you’ve completed that, you’ll also unlock a Hard Mode for some extra challenge.

Star Titan is now up for purchase on both Google Play and the App Store. At the moment, it is priced at $1.99 (Rs 150).