Call of Duty: Mobile is finally here, and while the game does not have everything you would expect from a full-fledged Call of Duty title, there is still a lot to do. There are quite a few modes available for players to try at launch, including a Battle Royale and five traditional squad-based modes. Along with the modes, some of the more popular maps in the previous Call of Duty titles are also getting ported.

Call Of Duty Zombies Tranzit 1280x720
There are seven maps available for the player to choose from - this picture is from the Tranzit map

There has been a lot of gameplay footage for the Zombie mode of Call of Duty passed around on the internet. Based on those contents, the Zombie mode clearly needs to be worked on more before getting released to the public. In the current version of the Call of Duty app, you can still see a greyed out logo of a third game mode that resembles a Zombie icon, along with the word “coming soon”. If there are no further interference, the mode would likely to be patched into the game, preferably for October’s Halloween event.

Call Of Duty Mobile Australia Beta Zombie Mode Upd
After clearing out waves of zombies following the mission objectives, you would have to deal with the final boss

Call of Duty: Mobile’s version of Zombie mode is expected to be much different from that of the PC version, based on the information from the beta footage. Instead of the wave-based rounds with hordes of zombies swarming the players that previous Zombie modes contain, Call of Duty: Mobile’s Zombie mode would feature short missions with bosses at the end. This way, players would be able to beat Zombie mode in both solo play and squad.

The Zombie mode would be a campaign with multiple maps available, for both solo and squad

Please check out this guide for the Class system in the Battle Royale mode.