It's natural for players to compare 2 games that are similar to each other before investing in one game. In this case, we have Arena Of Valor vs Mobile Legends, 2 MOBA games on mobile that are based on the famous game League of Legends on PC. Both games have somewhat similar cartoonish graphics and gameplay, making it hard for many new players to decide.

 Arena Of Valor Vs Mobile Legends
Arena Of Valor Vs Mobile Legends, Which Game Is Better?

Here will break it down to you by comparing Arena Of Valor vs Mobile Legends in different aspects.

1. Arena Of Valor vs Mobile Legends - Gameplay and Graphics

While both games have a standard MOBA gameplay and map with 3 lanes, jungle, and heroes, there are still some pretty significant differences in both games that you might want to consider.

 Arena Of Valor Vs Mobile Legends
Arena of Valor vs Mobile Legends 2020 - Arena Of Valor clearly looks more detailed

Arena Of Valor

Arena Of Valor graphics is more detailed and refined. Heroes in Arena Of Valor also has a more defined role as Jungler, Midlaner, Support,... Also when you cast skills in Arena Of Valor, there is always a small delay, making it a little hard to get used to.

Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends has a more cartoonish graphic compared to Arena Of Valor. Heroes in the game also have more flexible roles. For example, you can have assassins going mid and jungle at the same time. Mobile Legends is also more skill-oriented, which means you can 1vs5 if you are good enough while you can't win in Arean of Valor without your team.

2. Arena Of Valor vs Mobile Legends - Monetization

Arena Of Valor

Arena Of Valor is completely free to play. In the game, you can use gold to buy new heroes or skins. Skins in Arena Of Valor is purely for aesthetic and will not will you any upper hand in battles. You can totally grind gold through matches, events, missions to buy those items and won't ever have to spend a dime to even be competitive in Arena of Valor.

Arena Of Valor
You can grind missions and events to buy heroes in Arena of Valor

However, if you don't like grinding, you can totally use real money to buy items in the game. But the price for them is pretty expensive.

Mobile Legends

Unlike Arena Of Valor, you can actually buy stats in Mobile Legends, although it is a very minor amount of stats. These bonus stats come from skins for characters and Emblems. But as mentioned, the stats you can get from these things are very small like 100 hp or 10 damage. You can still win the game if you have better skills against people with these buffs.

Mobile Legends
Skins in Mobile Legends give you a littl bit stats

The game also gives players lots of missions to do every day to get BP and buy items in the shop, which really helpful for free to play players.

3. Arena Of Valor vs Mobile Legends - Development

In every game, the support of the developer is crucial to keep the game interesting with much new content and changes so the game won't become stale. While some players will bump into a problem from time to time with bugs or unbalance characters, a great developer team will be able to fix it quickly and keep the game balanced.

Arena Of Valor

Arena of Valor was developed by Tencent and had great success in the China market but no so much around the world.

Because of the flop in Western countries, Tencent has been working on a new game League of Legends Mobile to capture the Western market, a true mobile version of League of Legend on PC.

League of Legends Mobile
Tencent will replace Arean of Valor with their new titles League of Legends Mobile

But as these two games are going to have lots of things similar to each other, it's likely that Tencent will bring down Arena of Valor to promote everyone to League of Legends Mobile. The marketing teams for the game in Europe and North America have already been disbanded.

So if you are new and looking for a game to get into, Arena of Valor might not be the safest long-term option, unless you are living in China.

Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends was developed by Moonton, a Shanghai-based video game company, which surprisingly has nothing to do with Tencent. The game is super popular in Asia, particularly in the South East Asia region. Mobile Legends release new heroes very often to make the game more diverse.

 Arena Of Valor Vs Mobile Legends
Mobile Legends is still releasing new content often

The game is still thriving very much with no sign of stopping so you can safely put your time in without afraid of the game shutting down.

4. Arena Of Valor vs Mobile Legends - Conclusion

While both games have their own unique elements that might fit the preference of different players, Arena Of Valor is likely to get abandoned by Tencent to be replaced by League of Legend Mobile in the future so there is really no point to invest in the game anymore. So the winner between Arena Of Valor vs Mobile Legends is Mobile Legends

However, you can also for League os Legends Mobile which should be released soon this year.

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