The game will be called Men in Black: Global Invasion and published by Ludare Games Group. They cooperate with Sony Pictures Consumer Products to plan the game for release in September.

Trailer for the upcoming game in September

The game will be available on both IOS and Android. Men In Black: Global Invasion will be an Augmented Reality game like Pokemon GO and Harry Potter Wizards Unite where you can interact with the real-life environment through your phone's camera. Fans of Pokemon GO and Men In Black should definitely try this.

Mib Game 05
MIB: International Invasions is also an augmented reality game like Pokemon GO


Following the announcement, Ludare Games Group also includes a reward for pre-registration. Those early-bird users who register beforehand will get a special reward when the number of registration reaches a certain point. The game is scheduled to come out in September so players who register first will get an edge over those who come late.

Mib Game 01
The reward list

Among the rewards offered is the Epic weapon Ionhibitor, the rifle we see in the hand of Agent K in the original MIB movies. It will be unlocked when the number of pre-registration reaches 100,000. The current number of registration is 48,125, almost half of the target. Be quick to register and grab your Epic weapon.

An AR game

The game features familiar faces you see in Men In Black trilogy and the latest MIB: International. You will play as a MIB agent with the latest weapons and technologies to catch hostile roaming aliens. Turn on your GPS and the game will show you the real-life location of outlandish creatures.

Mib Game 02
You stumble upon a wild cockroach, what will you do?

Moreover, as an agent of MIB, you will also have to complete other side tasks like engaging in battles, collection information, catching some specific aliens.

Mib Game 04
The game features turn-based battles

What's more, you have a wide range of weapons to choose from. Each weapon has its own pros and cons with multiple upgrades.

Mib Game 03
Choose your own favorite weapon

The game is available on both Google Play and App Store. Pre-register today to get reward boost for your AR game.