Welcome back, gamers! Today, we've got a comprehensive guide on how to secure the coveted Mossy Winehorn AWM skin in Free Fire. In our previous post, we shared all the essential details about the latest game update, including event specifics and rewards. If you missed that, we recommend checking it out for a quick catch-up.

Free Fire AWM X UMP Ring Event details

Duration: October 21, 2023, to November 3, 2023

In this event, players need to use Diamonds to spin to get rewards. Each spin cost 20 Diamonds. You can also spin 11 times for 200 Diamonds. The rewards include Universal Ring Tokens and different gun skins as grand prizes. You can spin to get the skins or exchange Universal Ring Tokens for gun skins.

New Event In Free Fire Max: The AWM X UMP Ring
New Event In Free Fire Max: The AWM X UMP Ring

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How to obtain the Mossy Winehorn AWM in Free Fire

1. Log In: Start by logging into the game.

2. Visit the Luck Royale Section: Once you're in the game, navigate to the Luck Royale section.

3. Select the "AWM X UMP Ring" Tab: Within the Luck Royale section, locate and tap on the "AWM X UMP Ring" tab.

4. Explore the Interface: You'll be presented with an interface displaying various items and options.

5. Spin to Win: Now, it's time to try your luck. You can either get the Mossy Winehorn AWM skin by making spins or by exchanging tokens. The event is a universal ring event, meaning you can obtain items through spins or exchange the tokens you earn as rewards during spins.

6. Keep Spinning or Exchange: Make as many spins as needed until you acquire the Mossy Winehorn AWM skin. Alternatively, you can head to the exchange zone and trade 200 tokens for this incredible skin.

7. Enjoy Your New Skin: Once you've secured the Mossy Winehorn AWM, you'll find it in the weapon section of your inventory.

How To Get The Mossy Winehorn AWM In Free Fire
The Mossy Winehorn AWM is an amazing skin in Free Fire

That's it! Follow these steps to add the impressive Mossy Winehorn AWM skin to your Free Fire collection. Happy gaming!

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