Knockout Tamilan is a Free Fire Youtuber who is rising in the rank of popularity in the Indian Free Fire community. This YouTuber has captivated audiences with his entertaining videos, primarily presented in the Tamil language. Through his engaging content, he has succeeded in amassing a substantial and loyal fan base. With an impressive subscriber count of 814 thousand and an astonishing total view count surpassing 91 million, Knockout Tamilan has undeniably etched his mark in the digital landscape.

Knockout Tamilan also manages a secondary channel dubbed "KO ARMY," which boasts an impressive following of 201 thousand subscribers and an impressive view count exceeding 7.75 million.

Knockout Tamilan's Free Fire ID and In-game Achievements

Identified by the Free Fire ID 279909956, Knockout Tamilan stands as the illustrious leader of the "SENATORS!" guild, further distinguished by the Guild ID 1002408395. In the ongoing BR-Ranked Season 34, he has achieved the rank of Diamond 1, highlighting his exceptional gameplay skills.

Knockout Tamilan
Knockout Tamilan's Free Fire ID and profile

In the CS-Ranked Season 20, he has ascended to the prestigious rank of Heroic, underlining his competitive prowess.

Lifetime stats

Knockout Tamilan's BR Career stats (Image via Garena)
Knockout Tamilan's lifetime stats in Battle Roayle mode.

Knockout Tamilan has participated in a staggering 1482 solo matches. His victories in 97 of these battles translate to an impressive win rate of 6.54%. Accompanied by 2590 eliminations, his K/D ratio stands at a commendable 1.87.

In duo mode, he has prevailed over his adversaries in 255 out of 3167 matches, achieving a formidable win percentage of 8.05%. His kills tally rests at 4603, corresponding to a K/D ratio of 1.58.

In squad mode, Knockout Tamilan has demonstrated his leadership in 13236 matches. An astounding 1794 victories contribute to a remarkable win ratio of 13.55%. With 29271 frags under his belt, his K/D ratio soars at an impressive 2.56.

Please note that the statistics and achievements mentioned in this article are current as of the time of writing and are subject to change as Knockout Tamilan's journey progresses.

Knockout Tamilan's YouTube

Knockout Tamilan has crafted an influential presence on YouTube. His journey as a content creator began in January 2020, with a continuous stream of captivating videos centered around Free Fire. A testament to his creativity and engagement is the impressive catalog of 775 uploads. Among these, a YouTube Short has emerged as the most-watched, accumulating a remarkable 2.4 million views.

Embracing the evolving landscape of online engagement, Knockout Tamilan's influence extends beyond the game itself. According to Social Blade, his subscriber count has witnessed a growth of two thousand within the last 30 days alone. Simultaneously, his view count has surged by an astonishing 887.018 thousand during the same period.

Knockout Tamilan's journey as a Free Fire content creator mirrors his dedication to both his craft and the gaming community. With a thriving YouTube presence and commendable in-game achievements, he stands as an inspiration to aspiring gamers and content creators alike. As he continues to evolve his gameplay strategies and refine his content creation, one can only anticipate the continued rise of Knockout Tamilan on both the digital and gaming fronts.

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