You have probably played Snake at some point in your life, but now imagine a multiplayer game in which everyone gets to play as a massive and colorful snake in one arena. That is precisely the idea of Snake Rivals. Coming to us from developer Supersolid, this fast-paced PvP title sees up to fifty players duking it out to try to become the biggest serpent around. The game is available right now for both Android and iOS, check out its trailer below:

The basic premise here is that you'll slither around a colorful arena to find tasty apples and pellets to eat. The more food you consume, the larger you'll become. Sounds pretty standard for a Snake game, right? But what’s interesting the number of game modes on offer here.

There’s the endless Classic mode, which is exactly what you expect: You try to grow your snake as much as possible, mastering complicated maneuvers to avoid running over your own body. Then there’s the Battle Royale mode, where you will play against other players and can damage and eventually destroy their snakes. Finally, the Gold Rush mode challenges you to pick up as much gold as you possibly can within a 3-minute time limit.

Snake Rivals Battle Royale
Compete against other players to see who can be the only snake left

There are also plenty of power-ups that you can collect to add to the fun, and as you progress throughout the game, you'll be able to unlock more characters. Moreover, Snake Rivals offers a wide variety of options for you to customize your snake to your liking. With this, you can select from a number of body parts and accessories to create your very own snake.

Snake Rivals
Plenty of options to customize your snake with

All in all, Snake Rivals sounds like it has a lot to offer, and if you are interested, you can go to either Google Play or the App Store to pick it up for free right now.