We're just days away from experiencing the full version of Battlegrounds Mobile India. PUBG Mobile was at the front and center of the Indian Gaming Community. It was banned last September under allegations of committing privacy concerns and illegally collecting personal data. After months of negotiation as well reconstruction, it's now finally back with a new name - Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).

Battlegrounds Mobile India Coming Soon
The full version of Battlegrounds Mobile India is coming soon.

So far, the launch of BGMI Early Access has been a total success. Millions of players have downloaded and installed the game. However, let us remind you that this is only the Early Access version. And as inside leaks suggest, the Battlegrounds Mobile India full version is happening sooner than we expected.

BGMI Full Version To Release Before/ On July 12th

After almost a year after its ban, PUBG Mobile came back under the name of Battlegrounds Mobile India. KRAFTON opened the server for Early Access on June 17th and it immediately took the community by storm. Indian players simply can't get enough of it.

Early Access
You can now download Early Access for Android devices.

Several errors and problems also came along with the early access version. Developers fixed most of them in preparation to release the full version of the game.

According to Hrishav, founder of “WAR MANIA ESPORTS,” "It’d be coming out before or on July 12th, which is also the date when the next season would be released.”, referring to the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India Full Version.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Post
Over 20 million players pre-registered for BGMI.

He also said that the iOS version of BGMI is also coming before 12th July. “On the day of the final release, BGMI would be made available for the iOS platform.", Hrishav confirmed.

Ocean Sharma, another prominent influencer in the Indian Gaming and BGMI community also thinks the game is coming next month. “As far as I’ve heard, everyone would likely be receiving the game in the next month. Let’s see.“, he said.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Zombies
Prepare for a full launch!

The last time all these players and influencers predicted the release date of BGMI, it turned out to be true. Hopefully, they can also work their magic this time around!

Battlegrounds Mobile India Data Transfer

To help players get to enjoying BGMI faster, KRAFTON will introduce the data transfer feature. It allows you to recover your previous accounts in PUBG Mobile and bring them over to Battleground Mobile India. That means you won't be losing any investment you made into the game previously.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Gg Play
You can transfer data to your new BGMI accounts.

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