Coming from developer Mousetrap Games, Run the Beat is a rhythm-based platformer with impressive graphics in which you play as a creature named Noty. The little guy is on a mission to retrieve his headphones, which have been stolen by a wizard, and it’s your job to help him on the way. Check out the game’s trailer below:

The gameplay of Run the Beat revolves a great deal around music. Noty can perform a variety of actions including jumping, rolling, and swiping, and you'll have to pay attention to musical hints to know exactly when to do what. So basically your reflexes and sense of rhythm will be put to the test here.

There is a total of 31 stages where you'll have to overcome various obstacles – whether by dodging or destroying them. The game also comes with 5 difficulty settings so you can adjust things to find the right level of challenge for you, as well as 2 gameplay modes: Arcade and Chill.

Run The Beat Screenshot 2 Bae0_wm
2 game modes with 31 levels on offer

As you can probably guess, the Chill mode is for those who are just looking to relax. There is no indicator, and the game will automatically make sure your timings are spot-on. The Arcade mode, on the other hand, is a real challenge. You need to hit the buttons at the precise moment the indicator appears to build up combos and rack up your high score.

Run The Beat Ios Android Screenshot01 4155_wm
Hit the buttons at the perfect moment to build up combos

Even though Run the Beat has only just launched, it has already won the Big Indie Pitch at White Nights Berlin this year thanks to its perfect combination of platforming and music timing. You can find the game available for download now on both Google Play and the App Store for free. Of course, expect some in-app purchases to be included!