The Elite Pass is by far one of the most profitable buys in Garena Free Fire. Upon acquiring the pass, players can obtain various exclusive consumables, costumes, weapon skins, just for playing the game!

Garena introduces a new Elite Pass for every month, with the next one starts as soon as the previous concludes. We're now in the first days of March 2021, meaning a brand new Elite Pass has arrived.

Season 34 Elite Pass Wildful Wonders
Season 34 Elite Pass Is Available Now!

The Season 34 Elite Pass takes on the theme of "Willful Wonders". It went live on March 1st and will be available until the end of this month, offering 250 Badges for players to grind through.

Unfortunately, the pre-order phase for the Season 34 Elite Pass has concluded. Players who pre-ordered the pass received the exclusive 'Tea Party Hat' as a bonus reward. However, you can still acquire the normal Elite Pass for 499 Diamonds or the Elite bundle for 999 Diamonds.

Season 34 Elite Pass Wildful Wonders Pre Order
Don't Worry If You Miss This Pre-order

By purchasing the Elite Bundle, you will activate additional perks, besides getting the full rewards as with the Elite Pass itself. The bundle brings a total worth of 10,000 Diamonds, giving players a 50 Badge boost, and a lot more.

How to Buy Season 34 Elite Pass in Garena Free Fire

Follow the steps below to acquire your Elite Pass in Garena Free Fire:

Wildful Wonders
Upgrade The Pass And Enjoy Wonderful Perks
  • #1: Open the 'Elite Pass' segment in Garena Free Fire.
  • #3: Confirm your purchase.
  • #4: Start grinding!