Free Fire is a battle royale game on mobile published by Garena in 2017. 50 players are dropped in an abandoned island to pick up weapons and items to fight each other until there is only 1 survivor left.

Players can play Solo, with a friend in Dou, or in a Squad of 4 people. Among those 3 modes, the Squad mode is the hardest mode as it requires your team to have a good strategy and coordination.

That is why when you play in a squad competitively, each member will have to play certain roles and fulfill their tasks. Since each role has a different job in a squad, they also have different weapon combinations as well.

 Best Weapon Combination In Free Fire
Squad mode is the hardest mode in Free Fire Battle Royale

But Free Fire features a really large collection of weapons that players can use in battle, each with their own characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses, making it hard for many people to find the best gun combination for their role.

So that is what we are going to do here, to find the best gun combination in Free Fire 2020 for each role in a squad. Note that one player can take on 2-3 roles in a team simultaneously.

1. Free Fire weapon loadout

The Weapon loadout in Free Fire has 4 slots including 2 slots for Primary weapons, 1 slot for Secondary weapon, and 1 slot for Melee weapon.

  • In the 2 Primary weapon slots, you can equip Shotgun, SMG, Assault Rifle, Light Machine Gun, Sniper Rifle, Launcher, or Bow.
  • In the Secondary weapon slot, you can equip a Pistol.
  • In the Melee weapon slot, you can equip Melee weapons.

You can equip attachments to your weapons if they have attachment slots.

Image 1 Best Weapon Combination In Free Fire

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2.Best gun combination in Free Fire for IGL

IGL stands for In-Game Leader, the one who decides the strategy, movement, and action of the whole team. Normally, the players with the most experienced in the team will take on this role and they don't have to be the most skillful players in the team.

 Best Weapon Combination In Free Fire

The IGL can also take up other roles such as Support or Sniper at the same time. That why the best gun combination for an IGL needs to be balanced to engage in all situations.

  • Primary weapons: The MP40 and SCAR should allow the IGL to deal with most situations and they are also very reliable weapons. Sometimes, you can also opt for the M82B sniper rifle because it can break Gloo Wall as well having armor penetration.
  • Secondary weapon: If you are playing on Kalahari, Grappling Hook is the best option. Or else an Ince Wall gun or an M500.

3. Best gun combination in Free Fire for Rusher

The Rusher is often the most skillful player in the team who has a really aggressive playstyle. You can spot these players by looking for the player with the most number of kills in a team.

 Best Weapon Combination In Free Fire

Needless to say, Rusher is often engaged in close range fights so they need powerful weapons from close to mid-range.

  • Primary weapon: A typical combo for Rusher would be the M1887 shotgun the MP40. Both of these are extremely strong inclose-range and even mid-range combat, especially the M1887 shotgun. With the M1887, you need a Gloo Wall to max out its close-range combat potential because it only has 2 bullets.
  • Secondary weapon: The Ice Wall gun is a great weapon for you to rush enemies safely. The Desert Eagle is also a decent choice.

4. Best gun combination in Free Fire for Sniper

A team often only have one Sniper. This player can scout out enemies from far away and can finish enemies quickly at a great distance.

Best Weapon Combination In Free Fire

  • Primary weapon: The best gun combination in Free Fire for a sniper is an AR/ SMG pair with a sniper rifle. An AR is preferable because you can finish the opponent quickly in the long-range if your first sniper shot didn't. The best sniper choice would be AWM or M82B.
  • Secondary weapon: The Grappling Hook allows you to change your position and get to the high ground quickly, the best place for a Sniper.

5. Best gun combination in Free Fire for Support

The Support in a squad is the players who can make sure to back up the team if the plan fails and to provide healing to the teammate.

Best Weapon Combination In Free Fire

This role is often taken over by the IGL or the Sniper because they are less likely to die in a fight.

  • Primary weapon: There are various options for a support player depend on their other role in the team. A double AR combo can do just fine in about anything. You can trade one AR for the M82B counter Gloo Wall.
  • Secondary weapon: The Healing Gun is great for extra healing for your teammates. The Ice Wall Gun can get your teammates out of many hard situations.

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