Free Fire is getting more and more popular in India after PUBG Mobile gets the boot from the Indian government. Amongst the various features of Free Fire, the character system is probably one of the most favorite.

However, not everyone has the money to buy characters with diamonds - in this article, we would list out the top 3 characters that you should get with coins.

1 - Hayato

Hayato is probably the best offensive character that you can acquire with coins - his Bushido passive would increase the overall damage he deals to enemies by adding armor penetration. For each 10% HP he lost, Hayato would gain 10% armor penetration - this cap out at 90%, which pretty much let him ignore all armor altogether.

Hayato Character In Free Fire Everything You Need

Overall, Hayato's skill is great on all characters - snipers can also stay at low HP to add more damage to their shots.

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2 - Miguel

Miguel's Crazy Slayer passive would give him up to 80 EP after every kill. This ability is fantastic, as you can just slowly regain the chip damage taken during the fight after winning it. This ability also combo super well with A124's skill - you can activate it repeatedly without having to worry about the EP cost.


In general, Miguel is can go with pretty much any skill build. With the addition of K, you can activate Jiujitsu mode to use that 80 EP immediately.

3 - Laura

Laura's passive would give her 30% bonus accuracy while aimed in - this is a big advantage in a fight, especially when you are using something with really high recoil like the AK. It is perfect when combo with Rafael's Dead Silent for some accurate sniper shots.


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