In a mobile shooter like Free Fire, the weapon roster is probably the most important factor. Not all guns are created equal, however - some are much better than others. In this article, we would list out the top 10 best guns in Free Fire.

10 - MP40 (SMG)

The MP40 is the extreme end of the SMG class - it has the highest fire rate of any weapon in Free Fire... in exchange for one of the lowest effective range in the game. Using this gun, you can discharge a very rapid burst of DPS at a close enemy.

Which is the best guns in Free Fire

Because of its insane damage, a lot of people like the MP40. If you are using it, try to get a weapon stock and an extra magazine to improve its spam ability even further.

9 - UMP (SMG)

The UMP is probably the best and most damaging SMG in the game - it is the only weapon in this class with the ability to penetrate armor. With 63 points in armor penetration, the UMP can pretty much ignore 2/3 of enemies' vest and helmet's damage reduction. If you manage to find a UMP, stick with it and find some more attachments if possible -  a foregrip is recommended, as it would greatly aid in reducing its random bullet spread.

Which is the best guns in Free Fire

The UMP also has the highest reload speed and movement speed in the class as well.


The new PARA FAL AR in Free Fire is the most damaging automatic weapon in the game, with a whopping 69 damage per shot, much higher than the Groza. In exchange for that power, all other stats of this gun are slightly lower. Damage per shot is still the most important stat in Free Fire, as you can finish an opponent with a burst of 3 rounds - that's why the PARA FAL is on the top part of the list.

Which is the best guns in Free Fire

The PARA FAL has the same weakness as the AK - its recoil is rather high, which causes a reduction in weapon accuracy.

7 - AK (AR)

The AK is still one of the best weapons in the game after all these years, with a whopping 62 damage per shot. Free Fire's version of the AK is actually much stronger than usual, with huge range and damage at the cost of high recoil. While its damage is lower than the PARA FAL, the better effective range makes it the superior weapon.

Which is the best guns in Free Fire

The weakness of the AK is still the high recoil, of course. You would need to equip a high-level foregrip when using it.

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6 - SVD (SR)

This is a very powerful automatic sniper rifle that can only be found in airdrops and resupply points. Overall, the Dragunov is one of the deadliest weapons in-game. The difference between the SVD and other weapons on this list is its armor penetration – combined with its decent fire rate, a player equipped with the Dragunov would be able to down an enemy wearing a level 2 vest in about 3 shots.

Which is the best guns in Free Fire

The weakness of the Dragunov is its slightly higher recoil and its rarity - the gun is pretty hard to find

5 - AWM (SR)

The AWM used to be one of the strongest weapons... however, other newly released guns have power creeped it out. The AWM has the highest bonus damage amongst the three weapons – a headshot would knockout everyone, even if they are wearing level 3 helmets.

Which is the best guns in Free Fire

Its rarity is the problem - the much commonly found Kar98k can perform almost as well in combat.

4 - M4A1 (AR)

The M4A1 has the highest range amongst automatic Rifles along with excellent accuracy... in exchange for slightly lower damage. The reason that the M4 is rated so high is that in the late game, an M4 with all the attachments on is a beast in the last circles.

Which is the best guns in Free Fire

It can also be fitted with every kind of attachment to increase range and stability as well.

3 - M82B (SR)

The newest sniper rifle added to Free Fire - the M82B definitely packs a lot of punch and is very versatile due to its numerous special abilities. It deals the same base damage as other sniper rifles with extra bonus damage to Vehicles and Gloo walls.

Which is the best guns in Free Fire

With the M82B, you can definitely make short work of enemies behind Gloo covers. Another bonus statistics of the M82B is that it can pierce armor - the gun would deal extra damage on body shots against targets with armor.

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2 - Woodpecker (SR)

The best part about the M21 Woodpecker is its armor-piercing ability. With a whopping 75 points in armor penetration stat (the highest in the game), it can ignore up to 3/4 of enemies' damage reduction from armors and helmets. This would ensure its power in the late game, in which everyone would be wearing high-level gears.

Top 10 guns in Free Fire

The Woodpecker has the highest accuracy than any other AR or semi-auto sniper rifles in the game. With 69 points, you would be able to snipe from afar with relatively good results. You can also equip pretty much every kind of attachment on the Woodpecker as well.

1 - Groza (AR)

After all this time, the Groza still remains the best weapon in the game - it can only be acquired through an airdrop. It has pretty much everything - high damage, high range, great stability, the ability to equip all attachments... Overall, if you got a Groza from your airdrop, your chance of survival would be increased exponentially.

Top 10 guns in Free Fire

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