In Genshin Impact 3.0 Fayz Trials event, Hoyoverse suggests players a strong and effective Kokomi team. You can also build a similar team with this Hydro character to take the Spiral Abyss challenge.

Best Genshin Team For Kokomi
Find the best team for Kokomi.

Suggested Kokomi Team

Hoyoverse suggests players a strong team with two 5-star Hydro characters and two 4-star characters. Check out the recommended team of Kokomi in Fayz Trials Day 2 here.

  • Kokomi in the first position;
  • Fischl is the second squad member;
  • Yelan takes the role of an off-field DPS;
  • Sucrose is the Anemo supporter.

Though three of them are 5-star characters, they are not very rare. Kokomi's banner is available to pull currently. A lot of players have got Yelan in previous updates. Besides, you can get Fischl and Sucrose easily from any banner. When you build your Spiral Abyss team, you can replace Sucrose with Kazuha for a better effect.

Fayz Trials Day 2
Kokomi's team in Fayz Trials Day 2.

Team Rotation

After obtaining and upgrading them to at least level 80, you can bring them to Spiral Abyss 3.0 to take the challenge. Here's the right rotation to use this team correctly and deal the greatest damage to enemies.

  • Kokomi uses her Element Skill first;
  • Switch to use Yelan's burst and skill;
  • Then, use the Elemental skill of Fischl;
  • Switch to Kazuha and use his burst and skill;
  • Let Kokomi release her burst, attack, and then use her elemental skill.

This rotation causes double Hydro resonance for this team. You should build Kazuha's Elemental Mastery to buff the whole team in terms of increasing Electro and Hydro elemental DMG and decreasing the enemy's elemental resistance.

Yelan Kokomi
Yelan and Kokomi get double Hydro Resonance when they team up.

Other Kokomi Teams

If you don't get suggested characters for the best Kokomi team recommended by MiHoYo, you can build some other teams based on your character availability. Here are some other characters that you can build for this Hydro DPS after getting her from the current banner.

  • Electro-Charged

Yae Miko is one of the best characters to team up with Kokomi. You still use Fischl to support Yae Miko with Electro resonance. If you don't have Kazuha, you can use Sucrose to reduce the elemental resonance of the opponents and control the crowd.

  • Frozen Team

Kamisato Ayaka and Shenhe are the best Cryo teammates to team up with Kokomi and freeze the whole enemy team. You can spread this effect on the field with the support of Kazuha. Besides, Kazuha can play as a Physical sub-DPS in this team.

Kokomi Ayaka Team
Kokomi - Ayaka team can freeze the whole battlefield. 
  • F2P Team

Another Electro-Charged team with Kokomi, Beidou, Fischl, and Sucrose is more suitable for beginners and F2P players. Except for Kokomi, three other squad members are 4-star characters that most players have got.

  • Dendro Team With Kokomi

As Hydro and Dendro elements have a new mind-blowing reaction, you can build a Dendro team with Kokomi, a free Collei, Dendro Traveler, and Kuki Shinobu. This team has an insane healing ability, so you can go through all chambers safely without losing any member.

Genshin Kokomi Team
Kokomi team by miHoyo.

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