Released over four years ago, the augmented reality game from Niantic hasn't shown any sign of a decline in its popularity yet. Though it might not be the most played mobile game title, Pokemon Go is probably among the most popular games in India.

If you have entered the game, you would know that the list of Pokemon locations is very useful for Pokemon collectors. Today, let's find out the best place for Pokemon Go players in India and all over the world.

Pokemon Go Best Places
Find the best place for Pokemon Go collectors in India!

Pokemon Go Best Location List

There are many locations of Pokemons for collectors to capture rare Pokemons. Here are the best Pokemon locations in the world.

#1. New York City

New York is the city of a lot of Pokemons and Pokemon collectors. It's one of the best places to capture Pokemons in the world because the transportation in this big city is very modern. Then, it's very easy to travel around the city and catch Pokemons. For example, Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum of Art are two famous places of attractions where you can catch some rare Pokemons.

Pokemon Go New York City
Pokemon Go hunters should visit New York City to catch tons of Pokemons.

#2. Los Angeles

It's another big city in the US with lots of Pokemons. Moreover, the Santa Monica Pier is not only a famous place of attraction but also one of the best places to catch many rare Pokemons, such as Slowpoke, Dratini, Squirtle, and Gloom. If you want to catch some water Pokemons, such as Magikarp and Goldeen, you should visit this city. You can catch many rare Pokemons in Disneyland.

Pokemon Go La
LA is one of the best cities to catch Pokemons in the USA.

#3. Al Sila

It's a city in the United Arab Emirates. This city has a lot of beautiful landscapes to visit and Pokemons to catch. If you have a chance to visit Al Sila, bring the Pokemon Ball with you to catch some rare Pokemons around this city. Remember to bring the backup phone charger with you when roaming around to hunt Pokemons because you will see a lot of Pokemons in this city.

Pokemon Go Locations In Al Sila
There are a lot of rare Polemons for you to catch in Al Sila.

#4. Orlando

Orlando in Florida is also a great city for Pokemon Go players to catch Pokemons. There are a lot of Pokemons in various theme parks in this city. Disney World is also an ideal location for Poke hunters to explore. You can find tons of common and rare Pokemons in Downtown Disney. Or else, you can enjoy your trip to Universal Studios and expand your Poke collection.

Orlando Pokemon Places
There are a lot of Pokemons in various theme parks in Orlando.

#5. Tokyo

There are a lot of places to catch Pokemons in Tokyo, including the Imperial Palace, Shibuya, and Tokyo Tower. Travelers and localities can find tons of Pokemons at various Pokéstops in lots of theme parks and famous places of attractions, etc. Japan is the root of Pokemons. Thus, it would be a shortcoming if we don't mention this city in this list.

Tokyo Pokemon Places
Imperial Palace, Shibuya, and Tokyo Tower are the best places for Pokemons in Tokyo.

#6. Sydney

Sydney is the most attractive city in Australia for travelers and also for Pokemon Go players. The Circular Quay in this city is not only a must-visit location for tourists to this city but also a location of rare Pokemons. Pokemon hunters can catch hundreds of Pokemons around the Quay, the Rocks, Opera House, etc. when getting there to take some photos.

Pokemon Go Locations In Sydney
The Quay in Sydney is one of the best places for Pokemons in Australia.

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#7. London

The capital of England attracts lots of Poke hunters. Big Ben and Savoy Hotel are great locations to catch rare Pokemons. There are lots of PokeStops at any corner in this city. Moreover, historical places in London are also ideal places for Poke hunters to catch tons of Pokemons.

Big Ben Pokemon Go
Big Ben is a great location to catch rare Pokemons in London.

#8. Melbourne

Poke hunters in Melbourne, Australia can go to the State Library of Victoria to catch some rare Pokemons. You also meet many Poke trainers sitting or standing around the library and train the Pokemons they have caught.

Pokemon Go Places In Melbourne
Melbourne has a lot of water Pokemons.

#9.  Rome

The best place for Pokemon Go players is the Colosseum, the most famous tourist spot in this stunning city. Local people and tourists can go there and hunt many rare Pokemon around this place of attraction, such as Umbreon, Espeon, and Makuhita.

Pokemon Go Places In Rome
Colosseum is a great location to catch Pokemons in Rome.

#10. Anaheim

This city in California has many Poke gyms, such as Sleeping Beauty Castle, parks, and tourist attractions. Or else, you can have a trip to Disneyland, A Bug’s Land, and the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad to catch more Pokemons.

Anaheim Disneyland
Disneyland in Anaheim has many lots of Pokemons.

Best Place For Pokemon Go In India

Those are the best places for Poke hunters in the world. Pokemon Go players in India can visit some places below to catch a lot of Pokemons.

#1. Mumbai

There are many places in Mumbai where you can find the rarest Pokemons. For example, you can catch many Grass and Ground Pokemons in Shivaji Park. Besides, Water Pokemons are spawned around Juhu Beach and Marine Drive. You can find Eevee nest around Malwani Church, Malad. Gateway of India is the best place for Pokemon Go in Mumbai where you can catch tons of the best Pokemons in Pokemon Go, such as Golem, Porygon, Electrobuzz, Lapras, Dratini, and Blastoise, etc.

Mumbai Pokemon Go
There are many places in Mumbai where you can find the rarest Pokemons.

If you are seeking Magikarp, Dratini, Aerodactyl, Magmar, you should head to Upvan Lake in Thane. Besides, this location has many other water Pokemons like Vaporeans and tons of Psyduck.

#2. Delhi

This city also has a lot of places for Pokemons in India. Bangalore has the highest density of Pokemons in Delhi with lots of Pokestops, such as Brigade Metropolis in Whitefield and Phoenix mall. If you want to catch Aerodactyl and other water Pokemons, go to Sankey Tank. There are many other places of Pokemons around Delhi. such as Ahmedabad, India Gate, Taj Mahal, Agra, Keshavpuram Metro Station, etc.

Those are the best places for Pokemons in many big cities around the world and in India. Hope it can help you choose the best place for Pokemon Go players near your house.

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