Free Fire is an exciting shooting game that features a lot of weapons and gun skins. Players should have a proper gun and skin combo to play like a pro player and get Booyah. Check out the top gun and skin combinations in Free Fire below.

Best Gun Combos In Free Fire

Here are some best gun combos in Free Fire.

  • New Year MP40 And Cupid SCAR

It's a powerful gun combo that lets to handle both short and mid-range combat. Cupid SCAR is a decent gun skin that helps increase the damage and rate of fire of this AR. Meanwhile, MP40 is the most popular and stable SMG to deal with all close-range combat.

Cupid Scar
Cupid Scar is one of the most favorite skins in Free Fire

However, the Cupid gun skin reduces the range of SCAR. Therefore, you can hardly deal with long-range targets. Cupid skin cost 60 diamonds. Besides, the New Year MP-40 gun skin helps increase the damage and mag size while it reduces accuracy. But you don't need to worry because this gun is very stable, balanced, and easy to control with very low recoil.

New Year Mp40
New Year MP40 is a fancy and useful gun skin
  • Flaming Dragon AK-47 And Underground Howl M1014

AK-47 is a powerful assault rifle with high damage points in all shooting games, including Free Fire. It's also a beast weapon in short and mid-range combat. Besides, M1014 is the most favorite shotgun in Free Fire. If you master this shotgun, you can easily take down enemies quickly in one shot.

Flaming Dragon Ak 47
You should give Flaming Dragon AK-47 a try

The Underground Howl M1014 gun skin helps increase the damage point and magazine capacity. Otherwise, it reduces the rate of fire of this shotgun but it seems to doesn't matter to shotgun much. Meanwhile, the Flaming Dragon AK-47 skin increases the damage and rate of fire while it reduces the magazine's ability. It also cost 60 diamonds in the Amory shop.

Underground Howl M1014
The Underground Howl M1014 is a very cool and impressive shotgun skin.
  • Pink Heaven M4A1 And M1887

Pink Heaven skin for M4A1 costs players only 35 diamonds. This AR is one of the best weapons for the Grandmaster tier in this game. This gun is not only fancy and beautiful but also beneficial. It increases the rate of fire but decreases the reload speed.

Pink Heaven M4a1
Pink Heaven M4A1 is a worth-trying gun skin.

Besides, you can grab an M1887 and equip any skin to this gun. There are two M1887 skins available in the Amory shop. The Rapper Underworld skin helps increase the rate of fire and reload speed while reduces the accuracy point. Meanwhile, the Tropical Parrot skin seems to be better which increases the accuracy and damage while reduces the range. Both these skins cost 60 diamonds.

You should use the Tropical Parrot skin.