PUBG Corp has officially announced the return of the game to India and even made a teaser featuring popular Indian PUBG Mobile streamers such as Kroten, Dynamo, and Johnathan. However, there has very little additional information about the release date of PUBG Mobile in India after that, making fans very frustrated. Even pro players such as Ghatak, Maxtern are running out of patient waiting to play PUBG Mobile again.

A few days, an APK file of a game that was supposed to be PUBG Mobile for Indian has been circulating around the community on various platforms including WhatsApp, TapTap. There were even trailer videos that feature new costumes, emotes. You can check out the trailer video below.

However, in fact, the video above is the trailer of PUBG Mobile Season, and whoever made this video edited the PUBG Mobile Indian logo on it to trick people. That means this trailer is fake and you definitely should not download the APK file that comes with it because it might contain viruses.

PUBG Mobile India will only be released when there is an official announcement from PUBG Corp. While we don't know exactly when the game will be released, you can follow the social media of PUBG Mobile to be informed as soon as possible.

Pubg Mobile India Apk Download Link
There was a download link on the official website of PUBG Mobile India

You can also check out the official website of PUBG Mobile India here through this link:

There was actually a download link for PUBG Mobile India on the website for a brief time but it has been removed now. They were probably just preparing for the release of PUBG Mobile in India.

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