Everyone must be familiar with a typical puzzle arcade game called Puzzle Bobble. But now, instead of a particular bubble shooter, you will have an instant fire machine. The combination of traditional puzzle game and a rapid-fire machine is the newest game now: Block Busters – Gem of Arena. It is an aggressive puzzle game made by Redpotion Games.


Block Buster is a new competitive multiple arcade puzzle game

The thesis of the game is the same as every old arcade puzzle game. You will use your cannon to shoot a variety of multicolored blocks in the sky to prevent them from reaching your cannon. If the blocks touch your cannon, the game is over.

Block Busters – Gem Of Arena teaser

It may sound very familiar, but of course, Redpotion Games has to differ its game from others by some outstanding features. For example, the blocks won’t just be destroyed in just a single hit. Each block will have a number next to it, showing its health condition.

You have to shoot the blocks several times in order to smash them, and this is where your skill is put to the test. Your cannon will fire multiple times at once, so you must line up your shots to have the most effective trajectory to win this game. Your bullets will travel a long way and you need to calculate everything well.

Another interesting point about the game is you can use Skill Cards in the battle. To use these cards, you have to charge them by shooting blocks. They will mess with the enemies in different ways. This may play a major role in your victory.

You will have plenty of Skill Cards to choose in the game

If you are keen on competitive puzzle games, BlockBuster – Gem of Arena could be in your favorite game list, so download it as soon as possible. You can find the game on Google Play Store and App Store with a free price.