From the indie game developer Boris Zápotocký, we have the great title of BonVoyage! Basically, it is a tile-based puzzle title where your mission is to drag tiles around in the correct order to help your knights travel to the end of that level. Similar to other games in the puzzle genre, the complexity of the level will increase across the levels with plenty of new rules gradually introduced as you progress.

Here is a teaser video of the title:


Bonvoyage Is Making It Way To Our Android Smartpho
The puzzle will get harder and harder as you progress.

The title features a campaign mode of more than 70 levels, with 20 more included in a free DLC. It also has an excellent level generator, which allows you to get new challenges each time. Moreover, BonVoyage! supports compatibility with AR; so you will be able to see the puzzles visualized right in your room.

Bonvoyage Is Making It Way To Our Android Smartpho
With a total of over 90 levels and a random level generator, the possibility is limitless.

As you no doubt noticed already, BonVoyage! draws inspiration from those children's toys with which you'd reconstruct an image by dragging tiles with one free space. The developer of the game has tried to reimagine that mechanic with new variations and twists to give it more depth. It has lots of things from a rotate camera, full 3D, and the possibility to view levels from many different perspectives. There's also a Hard Mode option, which adds more challenges to the campaign.

Bonvoyage Is Making It Way To Our Android Smartpho
Grab this title now on Google Play!

On your way, remember to collect all those achievements to increase your score and beat other players on the leaderboard. If all that sounds interesting to you, then you could grab BonVoyage! right now on Google Play. The game is available in five languages: Slovensky, Česky, Français, Deutsch, and English and it has a price of $1.99 (Rs 140).