After the debut of their latest album “Map of the Soul: Persona”, Korean boy band BTS recently released their very own game named BTS World. The game was just unleashed on June 26 but has made an impressive performance. According to Sensor Tower App Intelligence,  BTS World ranked No.1 for iPhone app downloads within 25 countries in less than 24 hours.

In BTS World, you become the manager of BTS

What the game’s about?

BTS World is currently compatible with mobile devices running on IOS and Android. The game marks the collaboration between BTS band themselves and Netmarble, a gaming company based in Korea. Set in 2012, BTS World brings players back to the time BTS started their career as a boy band with lots of challenges.

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The game brings players back to the time BTS started their career in 2012

During the game, the player will act as the manager of BTS right from the beginning. Their role is to make sure the band consistently pursues their road to become the superstars that they are today. And to achieve that goal, players will have to personally interact with every member via programmed text messages. More importantly, the game will fail if BTS members end up taking another career goal.

Besides these above intriguing experiences, there is also a lot of content exclusive to the game, including 10,000 new photos and 100 video clips of BTS.

The soundtrack of BTS World

Because BTS is a music band, it’s not surprising when the game’s soundtrack features original recordings by the band. The album’s also named BTS World and it includes four tracks and seven theme songs, equivalent to each member.

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The lyrics of "All Night", previously published track by RM and SUGA

Moreover, Netmarble has also released the full album on June 28 for fans of BTS to listen to even if they don't play the game. BTS World OST is now available on Netmarble website with 14 tracks, adding three other previously published songs: Dream Glow' (by Jin, Jimin, and Jung Kook), 'A Brand New Day' (featuring j-hope and V), and 'All Night' (with RM and SUGA.) respectively.