When the most trending video game on Earth meets the world’s most popular boy band.

2018 is definitely the year of the Kpop boyband BTS. Coming from the Korean entertainment industry, BTS has made a huge reputation when they decided to enter the US music market recently. They were invited to many TV and radio shows never stopped showing their enthusiasm, humor and also talents.

The Tonight Show didn’t miss the chance to have BTS as a guest in their show (again). On the latest episode of Jimmy Fallon’s show aired on last Tuesday with the boy band’s appearance, BTS was invited to perform the Fornite Dance Challenge, which they will have to imitate some dance moves from the most popular video game these days, Fortnite. Born as a survival game with 2 different game modes as Fornite: Save the World and Fortnite Battle Royale, Fortnite has marked its name as the biggest games in the world these days. The dance moves were one of the Fortnite Battle Royale’s core success factors.

As people expected, BTS completed the challenge with fun and joy. Instead of trying to do the dances as perfect as possible, the boy band was really enjoying the stage, revealing all of their interesting and attractive personalities. It would be a mistake not to remind that BTS has always famous for their beautiful songs with powerful choreography. Coming to the challenge, they saved their usually tight dance moves to express themselves in a more appealing and funnier aspect. Those Fortnite dances were definitely too easy compared to the difficult choreography in every song they performed.

BTS have gained every audience’s attraction. Even Jimmy Fallon was inspired by the boyband’s energy and joined the challenge. He also showed some of his favorites in a most amazing way, therefore got everyone excited alongside BTS’s performance.

The top professional player of Fortnite Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, with no doubt, was impressed by BTS’s dance moves too. Posting on his twitter, Ninja said the Fortnite Dance Challenge stage performed by BTS and Jimmy Fallon was “absolutely clean”. He also revealed his favorite dance of the show was the Robot man.

It would be a massive pride for BTS fans and the boyband themselves to have the world’s most popular streamer applauding their stage. With the precious praise for the most trending games in the world’s performance, the Kpop boyband is believed to receive more recognition in 2018 and years after.