We now have a glimpse of the new Tank Battle Mode in the advance server of Call of Duty: Mobile. The news has been going around a few weeks back. However, it was until recently that a few streamers started uploading gameplay footage of the leaked game mode.

Cod Mobile
Call of Duty: Mobile Takes A New Turn

The Tank Battle Mode brings a refreshing touch to the Battle Royale genre. Instead of going after weapons and armors, players have to prioritize scavenging for components to assemble their own battle tanks.

So far, Activision is very quiet about the exact release date of this new game mode. However, speculation says it's likely to come in the Season 2 of COD Mobile. Let's take a quick look at the COD: Mobile Tank Battle Mode.

Call Of Duty Mobile: New Tank Battle Mode

According to the gameplay footage by YouTube streamer Dustin Gaming, there are five components that players need to collect to assemble a battle tank. These components can be found in the vending machine located throughout the battlefield. However, players must do this with caution, as others will also approach the vending machine with the same goal.

Cod Tank Battle Gameplay
Call In The Battle Tanks

Battle tanks are equippable with a light machine gun or a four-tube rocket launcher to greatly enhance firepower.

Keep in mind that you will be maneuvering the tanks via a touch screen. They are insanely powerful war machines but they're also equally hard to deal with. Tanks have tremendous firepower but run terribly slow, which exposes them to anti-tank weapons.

Cod Tank Battle Components
Collect The Components To Assemble Your Tank

That's why you need the attachments. Use the Light Machinegun to spray bullets quickly and the rocket launcher will deal massive AOE damage.

If you're unlucky in assembling a tank, try to pick up anti-tank weapons to defend. There are also depots that players can capture to repair or replenish their tank ammo.