The mobile game market has been hot lately with the release of some blockbusters. Mario Kart Tour has racked up 20 million downloads after just one day. Activision has recently entered the race with their own Call of Duty: Mobile release right at the start of this month. Since then, the growth of the game has been massive.

Call Of Duty 01
Call Of Duty: Mobile is a well-polished game


Call of Duty: Mobile is an FPS game on Android and iOS. Though the game is tied to the publisher Activision, Call of Duty: Mobile is actually made by the Chinese company Tencent. The game seems to be a hit with a massive number of downloads on its first day: 2 million.

Cod Top App 01
Call of Duty quickly grew to become #1 in popularity in 25 countries

It is worth noting that Call Of Duty: Mobile has just come out after a relatively short time yet it has become so popular. The game has risen to #1 in 25 countries, #2-5 in 37 countries. Only in 7 countries has the game been outside of the top 5.

The game is incredibly popular in many countries, especially in the U.S and Japan. And what’s more, it was just the first day of release that Call of Duty: Mobile has achieved this feat. On the next day, the figure was even more impressive: 20 million downloads with approximately $2 million in earnings.

Cod Mobile 20million Downloads
Call of Duty was so quick to catch on

Interestingly, India is in the lead with 14% of total installs – which is roughly 2.8 million times. It seems like PUBG Mobile will have a hard time dealing with this newcomer in an FPS-favored market like India.

Call Of Duty 02
Will Call of Duty: Mobile claim its share in the market?

This comes as great news for FPS fans as they have many more choices when it comes to mobile FPS games. Besides the global craze Fortnite and PUBG, we now have another good game to go for: Call Of Duty: Mobile.