Half a month ago it was revealed that the infamous fan-favorite 'Rust' map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is going to be a part of Call of Duty Mobile. The release date, however, was not revealed until yesterday. Activision has just announced in a patch note on the community Reddit that the map is going to be scheduled for next week's May 1 update. While the post does not specify exactly when the map is going to hit, May 1 is pretty much the only possible date, as both Gun Game Team Fight and Rapid Fire Modes are going to end on April 30. Rust, the map that's 'synonymous with Call of Duty' would become a Featured Multiplayer map.

Call Of Duty Mobile
Rust is going to be a fast-paced and intense map

Rust is a relatively small map set in an oil drilling field in the desert. In the middle of the map is a central tower that overlooks a factory site filled with shipping containers, fuel pipes, and other industrial objects. This vantage point is a highly contested position.

Codm Rust Tout
The highly contested middle tower

To the north is a large pipeline that heads toward an oil derrick - expect a lot of actions in this zone, with sharpshooters using the top of that site a vantage point. The south is a fuel depot along with multiple barricades that's rather similar to the middle zone - CQB would definitely shine here. The east is lower ground with various shipping crates and fuel tanks, along with a road that leads to the middle tower. Lastly, the western side is a straight route that also leads to the tower but without much cover.

Codm Rust 01
The map is filled with fuel tanks and containers

Various interesting modes like Kill confirmed, Capture the Flag and '1vs1' are going to be part of this update along with Rust. As this is the immediate patch on the launch day of the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2020, you can expect themed cosmetics to be part of it as well.

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