Cartoon Network is obviously seeking to squeeze more fun into the mix for its fans besides the captivating cartoons they are so famous for. This offer comes in the form of Cartoon Network Arcade, a new app with tons of goodies scheduled to be out on the 11th of March.

Cartoon Network Arcade
Meet your favorite characters in CN Arcade

Cartoon Network’s fans are in for a real treat with mini-games featuring the channel's noted characters. A prime example is Steven Universe-inspired runner Shattered Dreams. Other games include Smashy Piñata, a vertical leaper inspired by Teen Titans GO!, and Gumball’s Block Party, which obviously takes after The Amazing World of Gumball.

There are more to be expected and you can have a glimpse of the app in the trailer below:

From what we can make out from the trailer, Cartoon Network Arcade features more than just mini-games. As you spend more time with the app, there is a collection of the channel’s characters to unlock. In order to do that, you have several different ways to follow. A couple of them require more interaction with Cartoon Network like watching its shows or taking part in its on-air events. For example, if you open the app when you watch one of its shows, the app will recognize the sound of Cartoon Network and unlock a character for you.

Watch a Cartoon Network show and the app will recognize its sound

According to Chris Waldron, vice president of Cartoon Network, the underlying principle of the app is as simple as Shazam, everything worked like magic. However, he also said that the company did not seek to make the app more attractive than the main channel.

Appearing in this app as a launch sponsor is Lego Group, which helped create some of the games inspired by their brands like Ninjago, Lego City, and Lego.

For now, the Cartoon Network Arcade app seems like something worth waiting for, especially for the channel’s fans.

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