Pair Frenzy is a match-2 casual puzzle game that was already released on iOS a while back. Now, it has made its way to Android, bringing its take on memory-based games to both platforms. Check out its trailer below:

The idea of Pair Frenzy is incredibly straightforward: All you have to do is matching 2 fruits of the same kind as quickly and in as few moves as you can to achieve a 3-star rating on each level. At first, things are pretty easy, allowing you to take as long as you want to tap the blocks. Soon enough, though, more variations will be added in to keep things interesting.

For example, later on you might come across levels that have time limits, or those that only give you a certain number of guesses – or ‘zaps’ as they are called here – to work with. You can even come across enemies that will try to hinder your progress, but thankfully, you also have some tricks up your sleeve to resort to when needed, such as bombs that can reveal several tiles at the same time. It seems like the developer has made an effort to mix up the traditional formula, which is always something worth giving credits to.

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Some levels will have a time limit

While the core concept of Pair Frenzy is not exactly what one might call original, it stands out from the rest of the pack with its extremely cute aesthetic. It’ll be interesting to see how much variation the developer can deliver. If it manages to bring enough additional gameplay elements, we can see this game being a very enjoyable experience indeed. If not, though, it'll no doubt become rather repetitive quite quickly.

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The game stands out with its extremely cute aesthetic

If you are on the hunt for a casual puzzle game to test your memory with, you can find Pair Frenzy available for download for free on both Google Play and the App Store. Naturally, ads and IAPs are featured, as is common for a free release.