Developed by Moby Pixel who is well-known for musically-focused mobile games, Bumpin Dungeon delivers a wholly different experience. Bumpin Dungeon is a dungeon-themed mini puzzle game mixed with retro graphics and upbeat soundtrack. Compared to Synthwave Escape, a favorite Retro Rhythm Puzzle Platformer game by the same developer, it promises a more relaxed gameplay.

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Bumpin Dungeon is developed by Moby Pixel

In the game, players will join Hanny as she attempts to escape the Bumpin Dungeon. While searching for the exit, she has to encounter a number of bogus baddies, traps and puzzles. Beyond that, there are numerous environmental hazards for her to worry about such as spike traps or ice patches.

The game mechanics are well-designed

While your mission in the role of Hanny is as reaching the exit, these exits are actually locked for most of the time. You must activate a required number of tiles to "decode" a level. Sometimes, there suddenly exists a button that you have to hit for "unlocking"  the doors.

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You must activate a required number of tiles to "decode" a level

It might not seem troubling at all until you realize that you there's a limit to the number of moves that you have in each level. Also, sometimes there are monsters like goblins or crabs blocking your way to the button, forcing you to waste moves to walk around them. Or if you're lucky enough to see that the door is already opened, you might encounter a number of traps and hazards preventing you from reaching it.

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You can't go beyond the limitation of the moves

This move limit really complicates the matter, as you must choose your path carefully. Sounds difficult? Yes, it is. However, the game offers you more than one solution for each level. In the worst situation that you die, the only punishment is to restart the floor. You can also skip a floor if you find it too difficult by watching an ad.

Try out Bumpin Dungeon! It's light-hearted!

Besides a neat level design, the soundtrack is one of the most appealing features in Bumpin Dungeon. According to its description on Apple app store, the game consists of 10 all-new Chiptune tracks, along with 120 Retro Dungeon Puzzle stages and 8 Diabolocal Dingbats.

Coming a rhythm-focused game developer like Moby Pixel, the soundtrack in this game surely doesn't disappoint. Bumpin Dungeon's soundtrack contains a set of wonderful upbeat tracks. They all have very charming names like “Dungeon Blaster” or “Jiggly Bones” which are inspired by monters and other elements of the game.

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Moby Pixel's Synthwave Escape

Bumpin Dungeon also presents players with delightfully retro visuals and a variety of well made spikes. The game's environment, as stated, already has various hazards which contribute to the astonishing challenges.

Nonetheless, the whole game never stops delivering entertaining atmosphere to its players. The monsters, the soundtrack and the game mechanics together lead players into a certain carefree lightheartedness which can’t be found in any previous games by Moby Pixel. Unlike other puzzle games, Bumpin Dungeon requires players to reset only one current floor when they fail to complete the challenge. There might be several complicated stages, but players can always opt to skip it, so frustration is something that you don't have to worry about here.

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Bumpin Dungeon brings light-hearted atmostphere to its players

On the whole, Bumpin Dungeon's a delightfully well-made game that offers a reasonable level of difficulty. No floor will take you too long to finish, and the solution is always around the corner. The retro visuals, the upbeat soundtrack and the gameplay together create a very fun game to play. If you want to experience a light-hearted atmostphere, try Bumpin Dungeon!