Call of Duty Mobile is a free-to-play third-person shooter developed by Tencent and published by Activision for mobile phones. The game had one of the biggest mobile game launches in history and is currently having more than 250 million downloads.

Call Of Duty Characters
Call of Duty Mobile had one of the biggest mobile game launches in history 

Call of Duty Mobile was released as the direct competitor vs the battle royale game PUBG Mobile so the game also has a battle royale mode but with its own twist from the Call of Duty franchise. The basic principle is the same. Players will be dropped into an abandoned island with 99 other players to fight until there is only one player left. However, Call of Duty Mobile battle royale mode also features a Cerberus boss, different weapons, and most importantly the character system.

Call Of Duty Mobile Characters Overview

Call of Duty Mobile introduced the character system in the battle royale mode of the game ever since the beginning. Each character has a unique set of skills that include a passive skill and an active skill. This causes each character to have a different playstyle and strength. Players can choose their character before the game starts.

Call Of Duty Characters
Call of Duty Mobile all characters

There are currently a total of 11 Call of Duty Mobile characters. The first 6 characters are free. 5 characters you will have to buy from the in-game store and events.

Call Of Duty Mobile Characters - Medic

Active skill - Medical Station: Release a medical station that will heal you and your allies over time in an area.

Passive skill - Medic: You will heal and revive knocked down teammates 25% faster.

Healing is important in all battle royale games. But in Call of Duty Mobile, there are just too many healing items for you to loot so Medic isn't really necessary. The skill will heal more when upgraded, which can be good in some situations but not good enough.

Call Of Duty Mobile Characters - Scout

Active skill - Sensor Dart: Shoot out a Sensor Dart that will reveal the location of nearby enemies for a short time.

Passive skill - Tracker: Scout can see the footprint of enemies a few seconds ago.

Scout's skill sounds good on paper, but it is actually quite bad if it isn't upgraded because the initial AOE is just too small. Sensor Dart will be a really amazing tool in the late game when positions information is everything.

Call Of Duty Mobile Characters - Clown

Active skill - Toy Bomb: Throw out a toy that will summon zombies to attack nearby players. The toy will explode after a while.

Passive skill - Anti-zombie: The awareness distance of zombies is reduced to 15 meters.

This is one of the most bizarre Call of Duty Mobile characters and should definitely check it out at least once. The Toy Bomb will summon a bunch of zombies that attack players nearby which is really fun to watch. You can then finish them off then they are running around trying to fight the zombies.

Call Of Duty Mobile Characters - Ninja

Active skill - Grapple Hook: Shoot out a hook that will pull you toward its destination.

Passive skill - Dead Silence: You make less noise when moving.

Ninja in Call of Duty Mobile is all about stealthiness. Both Ninja's skills are amazing to catch enemies off guard. You can run right behind them and they will never hear anything with the passive while Grapple Hook lets you get to the most unexpected locations.

Call Of Duty Mobile Characters - Mechanic

Active skill - EMP Drone: Send out a Drone that will follow the enemy to disable some of their skill.

Passive skill - Engineer: Allow you to see all vehicles, traps, equipment within 80m.

Mechanic's skill sends out a drone that auto-detect enemies in an area around you and the drone will disable their information on the screen, preventing them to see minimap, ADS, use skills,.. etc. That means it is almost a guarantee win for you in 1 vs 1. However, this drone can be destroyed quite easily so it is not that useful in Squad.

Mechanic's passive skill is somewhat convenient if you are in need of loots or vehicles.

Call Of Duty Mobile Characters - Defender

Active skill - Transform shield:  Place a big shield in front of you and flash enemies for a few seconds.

Passive skill - Reinforced: All reduce all damage by 20% except for damage from guns.

Defender is one of the best Call of Duty Mobile characters. The Transform shield can create an instant cover for you if you are under fire. It can also be used as an offensive tool as well because enemies will get flashed when the shield deploys.

Call Of Duty Mobile Characters - Trickster

Active skill - Psychosis: Use two holographic decoys and a major speed boost to confuse your enemies.

Passive skill - Alert: Hear an enemy footsteps easier with a wider range of hearing.

Trickster's active skill is quite nice to create distractions and get an easy kill. But in higher-level ranks, people might not get tricked easily because your hologram can only run and not shoot.

Call Of Duty Mobile Characters - Airborne

Active skill - Ejection Device: Deploy a catapult that ejects your team into the air and triggers wingsuit gliding.

Passive skill - Lightweight: Reduces descents speed while using the wingsuit.

An Airborne character can launch their whole team into the air and then glide down, which is quite a great way to change location or surprise enemies.

Call Of Duty Mobile Characters - Trap Master

Active skill - Electric Whip Wire: Route a high-voltage current line. Enemies passing through will take damage and movement speed will decrease.

Passive skill - Territorial Effect: Increase the movement speed and skill recharge speed of nearby allies.

This character is more a defensive type as he can place an electric trapline that deals heavy damage and reveal the location of enemies. However, they can be destroyed and are very visible. His passive skill is quite useful in a team though.

Call Of Duty Mobile Characters - Poltergeist

Active skill - Active Camo: Become near invisible for a short duration.

Passive skill - Voidwalker: Increase running and walking speed in a stealth state.

This is the newest character in Call of Duty Mobile, but this is the most useless character out of Call of Duty Mobile all characters. The active skill will make you almost transparent for about 10 seconds, but other players will get a read alarm whenever you are closed to them under Camo. It is actually worse to use this skill when you are trying to get closer.

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