The 0.18.0 update for PUBG Mobile has been released with a brand new Miramar with a bunch of changes. However, there are still some things that haven't been implemented into the game yet, and one of them is the Sandstorm mode for Miramar.

Sand Storm

PUBG Mobile announced that the mode will be coming on May 12. Let's take a peek at how Miramar is going to change when this mode arrives.

According to leaks, there are 2 kinds of Sandstorm mode. One is the normal Sandstorm mode, which a large sandstorm will spawn on a random location on the map. In the other heavy Sandstorm mode, the entire Miramar map will be covered with a giant sandstorm throughout the whole duration of the map.

Miramar 2 0 Sandstorm Mode Update Is Out Pubg Mobi
In the heavy Sandstorm mode, you can barely see anything that past a few meters on the entire Miramar map

While you are inside the sandstorm, your vision will be reduced greatly. In the normal Sandstorm mode, this effect will be less significant, but it still impossible to see past 100 m. As your vision is limited, you will be relying on the sound of the game much more than usual. Also, you would want to prioritize picking up Assault Rifles and SMGs because most fights will be in close to medium range.

New Light Sandstorm On Miramar 2 0 Pubg Mobile Upd
In the normal Sandstorm mode, the effect is much less but you still can't see past 100 meters

Apart from the Sandstorm mode, there are also 2 other new modes for Erangel and Miramar called Safety Scramble Mode, Jungle Adventure Guide Mode coming. For more information about these two modes, you can check out our article PUBG New Modes 2020 - Everything That Is Coming To PUBG Mobile in 0.18.0 Update.

Image 5 Pubg New Modes 2020 2135
There will be a new mode for Sanhok called Jungle Adventure
Pubg Mobile Che Do Moi Safety Scramble La Gi 1
Erangel will have a new mode called Safety Scramble, in which there will 2 Blue Zone instead of 1