Era of Legends is a new mobile MMORPG that is a joint effort of renowned game studio Tencent Games and Moscow-based developer 101XP. The game enjoyed a successful launch in China last year and now it is preparing for a global release. Alongside the announcement, 101XP also released an official trailer for the game as well, although it is a cinematic trailer and does not use actual in-game footage. You can check it out below:

From the trailer, it can be clearly seen that Era of Legends draws heavy inspiration from Blizzard’s legendary World of Warcraft. It has everything you’d expect to see in a fantasy MMORPG. You will get to explore the huge open world of Eminnor and try to prevent an evil dragon god from escaping. There are 8 character classes for you to choose from, numerous skill trees and professions to pursue, story-driven quest lines to complete, and tons of PvP and PvE content.

Era Of Legends Raids

One feature that Era of Legends uses to set itself apart from other MMOs is a huge collection of “magic beasts" that you can discover. These beasts can assist you with offense, defense, or support. By mixing the different types of beasts with the unique attributes of your character, you can open up room for tons of combinations and strategic options.

Era Of Legends Pets

If you find all of this interesting, you can pre-register for Era of Legends right now on its official website. Of course, doing so will earn you some exclusive rewards once the game officially launches. Alternatively, if you own an Android device, you can also go to the Google Play Store for pre-registration. For now, all we know is that Era of Legends will come out in March. No specific date has been announced just yet.

MMORPGs on mobile have always been very popular in several Asian countries, but on the other hand have also been the target of much controversy in Western markets. With that being the case, it’s interesting to keep an eye out for this one and see how it fares.