If you're a fan of the visual novel genre, then you are most likely to know the name of the Japanese studio Key - the name behind many legendary visual novels like Kanon, Air, or Clannad. And earlier today, they have revealed their upcoming project - Heaven Burns Red. And surprisingly, Heaven Burns Red is not a visual novel, but an RPG game that's coming to mobile in 2020.

Heaven Burns Red is a collaboration project between Key and Wright Flyers Studios - the studio that most known in Japan with mobile games like Wild Arms Million Memories, or Danmachi Memoria Freese.

Heaven Burns Red 1280x720
The first visual of the game

The co-founder of Key, Mr. Jun Maeda, will be the main scenario writer for this game, as well as the original story author. Jun Maeda is the man behind the story of almost all Key's games - as well as anime projects like Angel Beats. Jun Maeda is also in charge of writing the game's song, with yanaginagi (also known in the Vocaloid community as Gazelle) as the singer. Meanwhile, the original designs of the game were made by Na-Ga, Fumuyun, and Maroyaka. Along with them is the involvement of Yuugen, who most known for his work on Gust's Atelier franchise.

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Clannad was Key's most famous visual novel

According to Jun Maeda, the main reason for this transition into the mobile market was because fewer and fewer people are playing visual novel games on PC - so as a visual novel studio, Key will have to try to survive by start releasing mobile games, as this market has a much higher player base than PC in Japan. However, even when transitioning to a new market, with a new device, the core-value of their game will be still the same - so that you can still laugh, emphasize and ultimately cry for the game's characters.

There are currently no more details about Heaven Burns Red, except that Key is aiming for a release date within 2020.