After a dramatic showdown at the PUBG Mobile Regional Finals, it is time for the prelims rounds. 16 teams from various regions all over the world will compete against each other in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Out of these 16 teams, only the final three would be able to continue to the Main Event of PMCO 2019. The Prelims would be played in three days.

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The prelims would last for three days, and the top three teams would continue their journey in the PMCO Grand Final

Team IND, Synerge and INS will represent the South Asia region in the prelims. Team Entity and SouL, being the top 2 of the region, directly qualified for the main event of the global Finals.

Today is the first day of the event and it would begin in a few hours. Below is the schedule for the first day:

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Team IND is hungry for success

The YouTube Live Stream will begin on 1 PM IST. The total number of matches played on the first day would be six. It is expected that 3 games would be played on the Erangel map, with Sanhok, Vikendi, and Miramar getting 1 game each.

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Team INS is ready to prove itself on the world stage

According to sources, all the maps would be played in third-person mode, however, there is still no official announcement regarding this problem. Below is the prize pool split of PMCO 2019.

The winner would get the lion’s share, $180,000. The second place would get half of that, the third-place would get half of the second place’s prize, and so forth.

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We hope that SynerGE, INS, and IND would do well in the prelims and make India proud. Indian teams did not do so well in the last PMCO season, but that would change.

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