No need to introduce, Clash of Clans is among the most popular mobile games in the world right now. Supercell, the developer of Clash of Clans is also expanding their business with three more new games namely Clash Quest, Clash Mini, and Clash Heroes. Back to the Clash of Clans Town Hall 14, here’s the latest information we got about this Spring update 2021.

1. Clash of Clans Town Hall 14 release date

The Clash of Clans new Town Hall 14 was set to release on April 12, 2021. That means the spring update of the mobile game is already live now and it’s high time to update your village.

Clash Of Clans Town Hall 14 Teaser
The long-awaited new Town Hall is finally out.

2. Clash of Clans new Town Hall 14 levels

You should upgrade to Clash of Clans Town Hall 14 in 20 days to get abundant new features, including 25 additional wall pieces to unlock, an Air Bomb, a Skeleton Trap, a Seeking Air Mine, a Bomb, a Pet House, and a Giant Bomb.

Moreover, new levels are also available in Defenses/ Buildings/ Traps, Hero, Troop, and Spell. Here are specific details of these levels.

Defenses/ Buildings/ Traps new levels in Town Hall 14

  • Level 3 Scattershot
  • Level 4 Builder’s Hut
  • Level 5 Eagle Artillery
  • Level 8 Inferno Tower
  • Level 9 Dark Elixir Storage
  • Level 9 Bomb Tower
  • Level 10 Clan Castle
  • Level 10 Bomb
  • Level 12 Laboratory
  • Level 13 Hidden Tesla
  • Level 15 Gold Storage
  • Level 15 Elixir Storage
  • Level 15 Wall
  • Level 20 Cannon

Hero new levels in Town Hall 14

  • Royal Champion Level 30 → Seeking Shield Level 6
  • Grand Warden Level 55 → Eternal Tome + Life Aura Level 11
  • Archer Queen Level 80 → Royal Cloak Level 16
  • Barbarian King Level 80 → Iron Fist Level 16
Clash Of Clans New Town Hall 14 Upgraded
It's time to upgrade your village and unlock new levels!

Troops new levels in Town Hall 14

  • Level 6 Ice Golem
  • Level 7 Healer
  • Level 8 Baby Dragon
  • Level 9 Valkyrie
  • Level 10 Minion
  • Level 10 Archer
  • Level 10 Barbarian
  • Level 10 Wall Breaker

Spell new levels in Town Hall 14

  • Level 7 Clone
  • Level 8 Poison

3. Clash of Clans Town Hall 14 Hero Pets

Besides the new levels, the spring update also brings a brand new kind of unit to Clash of Clans, Hero Pets. To be specific, when you unlock the Pet House in Town Hall 14, you are able to manage Hero Pets by upgrading and assigning them to certain Heroes.

At each of the four levels in the Pet House, you can unlock a new Hero Pet with its unique ability to support your Hero. L.A.S.S.I, Electro Owl, Mighty Yak, and Unicorn are the four Hero Pets you could gain access to in Town Hall 14.

Clash Of Clans Town Hall 14 Hero Pets
Thanks to the new Pet House, your heroes could get timely support from their pets.

To upgrade your Hero Pets, you can use Book of Heroes or Hammer of Heroes just like upgrading your heroes in the game.

For your information, below are details of each Hero Pet in Clash of Clans Town Hall 14.

L.A.S.S.I (High Jumper)

  • Attack ground targets within 2.5 Tiles of Hero
  • Attack targets on the other side of the walls with its high jump
  • Movement speed: 32

Electro Owl (High Voltage)

  • Attack bounces to a Hero’s target
  • Able to attack both ground and air targets
  • Movement speed: 20

Mighty Yak (Wall Buster)

  • Deal extra damage to walls within 7 Tiles of Hero
  • Movement speed: 24

Unicorn (Personal Healer)

  • Follow and heal the assigned Hero
  • Movement speed: 16

4. Clash of Clans Town Hall 14 other updates

Along with the Clash of Clans new Town Hall 14 Hero Pets, players could also enjoy a number of favorable changes in the Spring Update 2021.

First, you could upgrade your Builder’s Huts so that it’s no longer a lone building nor extra damage percentages. Once upgraded successfully, the Hut could defend itself by shooting invaders with its armed turret. Sound cool huh?

However, you need to note that the Builder’s Hut is now a Defense so it can be targeted by Balloons or Hog Riders, anything that can attack other Defense structures.

Clash Of Clans Town Hall 14 Builder Hut
In the new Town Hall 14, both builders and their huts are active in the battle now!

Second, in parallel with the active defense of the Huts, Builders themselves would not remain inside the buildings any more. Though your Builder might not help to attack targets, he would attempt to repair Defenses that are damaged during the battle.

Remember to target Builder with offensive Spells and slow him down with Poison or Freeze Spells. Reset a Builder’s repair target by using Lightning Spell. Also, the Builder will only stop repairing nearby Defenses if his own Hut is destroyed.

Finally, there are some changes in specific items in the game. Check the updated numbers below.

  • Attack and nexting cost: 1300
  • DE Storage loot cap: 5k
  • Gold/Elixir Storage loot cap: 600k
  • Max gold/elixir in reengagement loot cart: 17M
  • Max gold loot in legend league: 550k
  • Max gold/elixir loot in war: 140k
  • Max gold/elixir in Treasury: 4.4M
  • Max DE in Treasury: 22k
  • Max DE loot in war: 750
  • Max gold/elixir in loot cart: 2.8M
  • Max DE in reengagement loot cart: 170k
  • Max DE in loot cart: 5.6k

Above are patch notes for Clash of Clans Town Hall 14. will update more changes in Mobile Games category.

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