Clash of Clans is a freemium PVP strategy game published by Finnish mobile game development company Supercell. It has been dominating the Google Play Store and Apple Apps Store ever since its release back in 2012. In 2021, while it is no longer the behemoth it once was, the game is still fairly high in the chart and definitely worth playing.

Clash Of Clans Guide Update

In this Clash of Clans Guide for Beginners, we are going to list out the basics you need to know to enter battle, ensuring a smoother early game experience.

1 - Restrain on Spending Money at first

Clash of Clans is completely Free-To-Play. While you can spend a bit of money buying gems to get your base up a little bit quicker, we advise against it - they are really costly. According to estimates by veterans, you would need over $10,000 to get your base to completion.

Clash Of Clans Guide Update
Clash Of Clans Guide Download: A high-tier base

Only spend after you decide to stick with the game for a long time.

2 - Getting Started

Day 1

You need to do the game's tutorial to get used to the various features. It is useful, but you don't actually need to spend the premium resources it recommends to speed up construction... or creating an army of wizards to beat the goblins.

Wait for the constructions to finish on their own. You can just beat the goblins by placing two wizards and a cannon - wizards are powerful but fragile... they need protection from damage.

Clash Of Clans Guide Update
Clash Of Clans Guide Update: Level up your buildings

Day 2

During the first 3 days, your base is protected by a shield and you won't be attacked unless you attack other players yourself. After this period, the shield would expire and only come back if someone successfully raids your base... The duration of this shield is based on the amount of damage you take and the buildings damaged.

Don't worry about preparing your attack force - you need to spend the early game on building up defense and resources buildings. Prepare to defend against the first attack. You don't need another resource storage facility until the first week passes. Afterward, build as many as possible to increase your storage capacity.

Day 3

Build up your base defenses by putting up walls around your Town Hall and Resource Storages. Upgrade walls to at least level 2. Have the most important structures as close to the center of your base as possible to slow down attacks - enemies would have to get past other buildings first.

Spam walls around buildings and place traps at spots enemies might attack from. Buy a mortar and place it at the center of your base so that it would be able to cover all the important structures in your compound.

Lastly, spam archer towers and cannons and place them in range of important buildings. Archers are best on the edge of a base while cannons are best placed a little bit behind - they can't attack air units. Keep upgrading your defenses as soon as they are available.

3 - Clash of Clans War Strategy

After the first three days have passed and your base has been secured, it is time to plan for attack operations. This is the core gameplay of Clash of Clans - you need to develop a war strategy. For beginners, a simple army is probably the best choice as it would be easier to control.

clash of clans beginner guide
Clash Of Clans Beginner Guide: Attacking a base

What to build?

Barbarians are a great choice for your first raiding army - they would be able to destroy bases without any defensive setup. The main strategy here is to swarm enemies with numbers to overwhelm them.

Pick your enemies

Take your time to find a badly defended base as the target for your raids. You need 3 star for trophies. Once you have sent your troops toward the enemy base, begin training new ones immediately - they would be ready when the raid is completed.

Clash Of Clans Beginner Guide
Clash Of Clans Guide Book: Early Base

In general, players with under 500 trophies won't need to worry about getting attacked - once you get to a higher tier, enemies attacks would be more frequent. Your targets would become tougher the more trophies you earn.

What to do in a battle?

You would get access to units for a complex strategy later. In the early game, just spam barbarians and try to get rid of the enemy mortar as soon as possible. Find the spot on the enemy base that the mortar does not cover and break in through that point.

Clash Of Clans Guide Update

Once your units are placed you would not be able to control them anymore. Each unit also has a "prefer targets" that they always attack first... but usually they would just hit the nearest enemy. You won't get your unused units back after the battle is over... so only use the units you need to win - avoid overkill.

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