GameClub is a name that we’ve mentioned several times before, and now, this wonderful studio has just released an updated version Super Crate Box, a classic shooter title from developer Vlambeer originally launched in 2010, into its early access program.

Super Crate Box
Super Crate Box is a classic shooter originally launched back in 2010

Normally, GameClub tends to push out one new game every week, but it seems the studio has been firing on all cylinders lately, giving us two games per week for the past couple of weeks. According to the studio, it currently has such a huge number of games in the pipeline that it’ll be increasing the pace, launching a higher-profile game every Monday while saving Friday for a smaller game – a bonus, if you will.

Anyway, Super Crate Box is a fast-paced arena shooter in which you are given a random weapon every time you break a crate. The challenge, then, is that you will constantly have to adapt to whatever weapon that the game sees fit to give you. Basically, you will never be able to get too comfy with anything; it’s great. Check out the trailer below:

Some of GameClub’s other works so far include the tricky action RPG Hook Worlds, the third installment in the well-loved “Hook” trilogy, The Sleeping Prince, an quirky, innovative platformer where you have to fling the prince’s sleeping body around traverse the environment and solve various puzzles, and Glorkian Warrior, a tough-as-nails arcade shooter full of challenging enemies and bosses. These are just a couple of examples of games that you can play on your modern devices thanks to GameClub.

Hookworlds Screen1
Hook Worlds is another cool game revived by GameClub

If you are interested in jumping onboard, you can head over to the official website of GameClub right now to sign up for its early access program. The service is absolutely free, and for the most part, all the games it offers are really cool and worth giving a try. It’s nice to see that there are still a few teams out there working hard to preserve the classic mobile games.