PUBG Mobile falls to the category of easy to play, but difficult to master games. There’s so much more than just looting, shooting, and survival. However, getting the basics right will take you a long way in this Battle Royale sensation. Today, let’s take a look at how you can effectively control your guns’ recoil, one of the essential parts of PUBG Mobile gameplay. 

pubg mobile recoil take time
It takes time to master the PUBG Mobile recoil

The recoil rate is a fundamental factor in just about any shooting games. It gives players a realistic feeling of actually holding and firing a weapon from their computer screen. Therefore, developers always try to go above and beyond when it comes to emulating the recoil rate. It pushes the gun backward, and introduce shakiness to the action. 

How Recoil Affects Your Gameplay

When a gun recoils, it makes the crosshair move, vertically and horizontally. Each gun in PUBG Mobile is designed with a different recoil mechanic. That’s why even elite players have to spend hours on ends to master it. You have to drag your crosshair in a way that it compensates for the recoil. Once you can comfortably fire a gun regardless of the recoil rate, you’ll be surprised at the precision and potential damage. 

pubg mobile recoil spray
Controlling recoil is crucial when you spray

Tips to Effectively Control Recoil in PUBG Mobile

Get the Right Attachments

Attachments are exceptional when it comes to increasing the accuracy of your firearms. Muzzles, grips, and stocks are what you should aim for. The best muzzle is the compensator, which noticeably reduces both vertical and horizontal recoil.  However, grips are a different ball game. It really depends on the players’ preference, and sometimes the range of the gunfight. But for the most part of PUBG Mobile, a go-to vertical grip may just do the trick. 

pubg mobile recoil attachments
Get the right attachments to assist your control

Get the Suitable Sensitivity 

Getting the right sensitivity settings is also crucial to control recoil. It determines how fast you move your crosshair, which directly alters the trajectory of the bullets. Most pro players recommend setting the sensitivity higher than the recommended. However, you should try and test to find the most suitable option. 

pubg mobile recoil sensitivity
Try out others' sensitivity settings to find what suits you

Keep on Practicing 

Nothing can replace the experience you get from practicing controlling recoil in PUBG Mobile. Spend some time in the training ground or Team Deathmatch mode to increase your skills. Remember to practice shooting when you crouch or peek, too. Using a gyroscope is also recommended, but it will take more time to master. 

pubg mobile recoil practice
Keep on practicing