The fighting game followers will have the opportunity to challenge themselves with the game Cure Hunters. This is a game genre designed in a perfect retro style which helps players to unleash their bravery and imagination.

Cure Hunters

Cure Hunters is a very addictive free game, especially on high levels. The matches are challenging enough to appeal to any gamer. In Cure Hunters, the player transforms into a skilled gunman in his quest to save the world. The characters in the game are all equipped with guns to destroy the enemy. In addition, players can purchase and upgrade weapons, ammo, and health through each stage.

Cure Hunters Weapon
A wide variety of weapons

As with all other games, the conquering new heights is always attractive to gamers. In order to pass a level, you need to kill all enemies and still make sure you survive. Besides, stages are designed with retro style in a variety of ways and sometimes it takes you more time to explore the whole area you are in. In each level, there will also be secret areas where you can collect many valuable items such as weapons, guns, bullets, and lives.

Cure Hunters Trap
The levels are full of traps

After passing a few stages, the player will have a direct encounter with the boss. These bosses are usually very strong and have unique mechanics. Therefore, they are certainly no laughing matter. In the process of carrying out the task of destroying enemies, you must combine and master lots of skills to avoid losing all weapons and lives. Of course, it is important that you try to meet the boss quickly when you have still enough weapons and health.

Retro style graphics

A minus point of Cure Hunters is that players are often bothered by ads. Since this is a free game, it is certain that game developers do not miss the opportunity to make money by attaching ads to the game. This will sometimes disrupt the character's adventure and make the player uncomfortable. However, these advertisements can be easily removed through in-app purchases.