For so long, Contra has become an icon of the run-and-gun genre. Back in the day, you have to own a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) to enjoy the game. But that is long gone! Thanks to the rapid advancement of modern technology, we now have ported versions of the classic franchise for mobile devices, even re-made ones! Stay tuned for everything you need to know on Contra Game Download for mobile.

About Contra Game

Contra was first introduced on February 20, 1987, as a coin-operated arcade game. In 1988, Konami released a home version of the game for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Various ports for different computer formats soon followed in the same year. Several sequels also continued the first installment of the franchise, but Super Contra remains the most iconic.

Super Contra Game
Super Contra Was A Major Hit

Regarding gameplay, Contra games feature a simple and straightforward control, using an eight-way joystick and two action buttons for shooting and jumping. Up to two players can enjoy the game simultaneously as Bill and Lance.

Contra Super Classic
The Iconic Graphics

If you have played Contra in your childhood, you will certainly remember the iconic somersault curl jump instead of the usual jump pattern. The question is are you ready for the mobile version of the game?

Super Contra Game Download for Mobile Guide

To download and install this classic game on your mobile devices, you will need two things. The first will be an emulator to emulate an NES operating system. Then you will also need the game file for the obvious reason. With that being said, here's our Super Contra game download for Android mobile guide.

Contra Game Download for Mobile Step 1: Get An Emulator

RetroArch is an open-source project that uses the powerful development interface Libretro to allow users to make cross-platform applications. It means you can access rich features such as OpenGL and cross-platform camera support on your Android devices.

Super Contra Download Mobile Emulator
John NESS Makes A Good Emulator

Libretro and RetroArch are perfect for playing Super Contra on an NES emulator. If you're excited to learn more, visit their website via the link here.

The Playstore version of RetroArch supports 50 cores, fewer than the website version, in compliance with the Google Play Store's policies.

You can also upgrade to the Plus version to access even more exciting features from RetroArch. But to play Super Contra on your mobile devices, just the normal version is more than enough.

Download RetroArch from Google Play Store

The beauty of this app is that you can directly download it from Google Play Store, saving you a ton of time. But it can be very in-depth and overwhelming to navigate through at first. Take your time, we're sure you'll figure it out.

Super Contra Download Mobile Screenshot
Here's How The Game Looks Like

To download RetroArch, visit its Google Play Store page here. The file is verified, so you don't need to enable "Install for Unknown Sources".

Another viable option to go for is the John NESS emulator, which is easier to use. It's vanilla or a newbie-friendly emulator. However, you don't have that control over settings and other features as you do with RetroArch. Yet, it's still a solid choice to check out.

Contra Game Download for Mobile Step 2: Get the Game

Once you have RetroArch up and running, it's time to download Super Contra. But since this is actually a port of the NES version, you can download and install the game via APK files. Here's how to do it!

Super Contra Download Mobile Emulator Scan
Your Emulator Should Detect The Game
  • #1 Visit the APKpure website or open the APKpure app on your Android devices
  • #2 Type in "Super Contra for mobile" on the search bar
  • #3 Download the first or the most relevant results

Contra Game Download for Mobile Step 3: Set-up

After you get all of the required elements, it's time to set up Super Contra. Open your emulator (RetroArch or John NESS) and run it for the first time. Then, you want to allow the app to scan for existing APK files for ported games (including Super Contra).

Wait for the scan to complete, the emulator should detect Super Contra as a playable game from your storage. From there, just dive in and enjoy your childhood memory.

Garena Contra Returns 

If you're not a fan of using an emulator for gaming on mobile devices, then we have another option for you. It's a completely revamped and re-made version of Contra, known as Contra Returns. It's a mobile game published by Garena, available for both Android and iOS devices.

Garena Contra Returns
Garena Contra Returns

However, do expect the gameplay to be different. It will be more of a multiplayer co-op game, featuring a 4vs4 gameplay. If you want to check it out, we will leave a link right here: Contra Returns. For other games in the franchise, such as Contra 4 game free download for mobile, you can install them with the same steps, as long as you have the APK file.

That's everything you need to know about Contra Game Download for mobile in April 2021. If you like our article here, check out our website at for more.