If you are looking for a new deck-building card battler to play on your phone, then Crystal Soul Arena is one you might want to keep an eye out for. The game is currently in Early Access on Google Play, and the developer appears to have been very responsive to player feedback so far. In fact, many of the gameplay changes have been made based on suggestions from players.

Crystal Soul Arena Trailer

In the game itself, you’ll have a relatively small deck of only 10 cards. Needless to say, each card will have different stats and effects. Each turn, you draw 3 cards from the deck and have to pick one of them to play at the same time as your opponent.

Crystal Soul Arena Android Featured
Pick a card out of 3 to play every turn

This effectively means the two chosen cards are put into a duel as the players sit back to watch their attacks and effects play out. As you can imagine, knowing the power of your opponent’s hand will be crucial in Crystal Soul Arena. Once you’ve got familiar with the game, you can start to predict which cards your opponent has to effectively make a counterplay.

Crystal Soul Arena Android Gameplay
Once the cards are played, all you have to do is sit back and watch

As it is right now, Crystal Soul Arena offers 4 different game modes including Draft, Ranked, Union Wars and playing with friends. You can probably tell what most of them are just by their names, except for maybe Union Wars. Here, you'll join a Union and every day you get 3 chances to fight for that Union. You'll get a different deck each game, which means you won’t know what cards you have to play with until you actually get into the match. Upon winning, you earn points which go toward your seasonal ranking. At the end of the season, you’ll earn rewards based on your rank.

As mentioned, Crystal Souls Arena is currently in Early Access right now on Google Play. It's a free game with IAPs included.