Of late, there has been quite a buzz on Reddit over a game titled Rogue Adventure. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it's a roguelike deck-building game that is heavily influenced by Slay the Spire. The game is currently available on Android, but the developer doesn’t have any plans of bringing it to iOS at the moment.

There is already no shortage of Slay the Spire-clone games on the mobile scene at the moment, including many good ones. We’ve covered them extensively in this article, so do check it out. Still, given how great Slay The Spire is, having one more title that follows the same formula to play on the go certainly doesn’t hurt.

Rogue Adventure Cover
Rogue Adventure is a roguelike deck-building game that draws inspiration from Slay the Spire

Much like its inspiration, Rogue Adventure will have you progressing through a series of dungeons, defeating enemies, bosses and picking up loot. With each victory, you’ll expand your collection of cards and eventually build a deck with good synergies.

Later on you’ll also gain access to various classes, each of which offers its own abilities that can have an impact on your strategies. At the moment, the game boasts over 100 cards. Combined with the different class types, that potentially means there are tons of different tactics to try out.

Rogue Adventure
Progress through various dungeons, collect more cards, and create your own strategy!

The game’s developer has appeared to be very responsive to feedback from players in its Reddit thread, so if, after trying out the game, you feel like it could make some improvements, don’t hesitate to head over there to voice your thoughts.

You can find Rogue Adventure available for download for free right now on Google Play. The game includes no IAP, so it’s basically funded entirely by ads. The developer has said that it plans to add an option allowing players to remove these ads with a one-time IAP in the future.