Have you ever heard about nonogram? Or maybe you know it as Picross of Griddlers, but at their core the idea is all the same. These are picture-based logic deduction puzzles in which you have to fill in empty squares on a grid based on the numbers given to you on the top and the sides of the grid. If you solve it correctly, you will be rewarded with a cool little picture at the end. Now, this new game Pixel Cross is bringing these simple and challenging and addicting puzzles to Android and iOS!

Pixel Cross trailer

If you’ve never tried a nonogram game before, just picture sudoku and crosswords, albeit this time Pixel Cross comes with some colorful and cute pixelated art integrated – which means, it’s a lot more exciting.

In the beginning, players are given a blank grid with a bunch of numbers on the top and the sides. Basically, every column and row comes with one or more numbers. These numbers tell you how many squares in that respective column/row you must fill. The question is, which ones?

Pixel Cross
Fun puzzles completed with colorful and cute visuals

That is what you must figure out, and that is where your deduction skill comes into play! You must look at the entire grid and cross reference with other columns and rows in order to find out which squares you need to fill in. At first the entire process is quite daunting, but once you finish the first few puzzles and get the hang of it, you will undoubtedly be hooked!

Pixel Cross is a somewhat more beginner-friendly version of nonogram. Even if you have never played a similar game before, you can just pick this one up and get into it very easily. The game is set to launch in a couple of weeks on the 11th of July on both Google Play and the App Store.