We first reported on Pico Tanks – an upcoming multiplayer tank battler from developer Panda Arcade – back in December last year when it was looking for some beta testers. The game had been under development for at least a year prior that, and the developer has still been working on it constantly ever since, and thus things are looking like they are shaping up really nicely.

5 Picotanks Gameplay
Pico Tanks has been in development for quite a while

Alongside performing tons of internal tests, the team also hold regular beta testing events that span across several regions to collect as much feedback as possible. Basically, testers are always needed, so we thought this is as good a time as any to give another heads up about applying to become a tester for Pico Tanks. First thing first, though, check out a new trailer for the game below, which showcases a new game mode titled Fetch the Cargo:

So, about applying for beta testing, it’s pretty easy, really. If you are interested in participating, you can simply head over to the game’s official website. There, you will see a link that leads to the Pico Tanks Discord server, which will give you all the instructions you need to download and try out the beta version.  Moreover, the devs are also incredibly responsive on Discord, so should you have any questions, you’ll probably be able to find the answer pretty easily.

Pico Tanks
You can join the beta test by going to the game's official website

Pico Tanks has captured our attention ever since the first time we laid our eyes on it, so we are excited to see that its development is still going strong. Panda Arcade sure is taking its time, which is a good thing too, as it means the game will be in its best state when it launches, whenever it might be. Be sure to sign up to try out the beta for yourself, and stay tuned for more updates!