Coming from Creative Mobile and Orc Work, Evilibrium: Soul Hunters is a new card-based dungeon crawler with a dark fantasy theme. You will become a soul hunter whose job is, of course, to defeat monsters and capture their souls to later use them to fight for you. The game is out now for iOS, and an Android version is also expected to follow soon. Check out its trailer below:

The premise, as you no doubt noticed, is kind of similar to Pokémon. In order to capture a monster, you must defeat it in combat first. Then, at the end of the dungeon, you’ll be able to create a card that you can play in later battles to use that creature. At the moment, Evilibrium: Soul Hunters features more than 100 types of monsters to collect, ranging from skeletons to fairies. You can even combine 5 of the same creature to evolve it into a more powerful version.

Evilibrium Ii Deck
Collect the souls of monsters to later use them to fight for you in battle

The actual combat will be a real-time 3v3 affair. Your monsters will attack on their own, but you do have some controls over which enemy they target. How they are positioned is also another factor that you can decide prior to each fight. Moreover, each monster will come with a unique ability, and you can choose when to use them.

According to the developer, the main campaign will take around 15 hours to complete. Along the way, you’ll get to face 20 bosses that span across numerous environments, from dark dungeons to perilous forests. No doubt they’ll pose quite a challenge.

Combat will be a 3v3 affair

When not fighting, you'll play through a choice-based narrative in which each of your decisions will affect the ending. All cutscenes are presented in panels, similar to what you’d see in a comic book, which is awesome.

You can find Evilibrium: Soul Hunters available for download on the App Store right now, and an Android version is reportedly coming soon as well. The game is free-to-try, and if you find it enjoyable, you can unlock the full experience via a one-time IAP.