DC Ashwin or Dark Crew Ashwin is a popular Free Fire player and YouTuber from India. He is the co-owner of the DARK CREW OFFICIAL YouTube channel with DC Rohit. The duo manages the channel together and creates short funny videos about Free Fire. The channel is currently having more than 1.73 million subscribers.

Here is everything thing you need to know about DC Ashwin Free Fire.

DC Ashwin’s Free Fire MAX ID and stats

DC Ashwin’s Free Fire MAX ID is 757213629. His account is currently at level 68. He is currently in the DARK_CREW guild, whose ID is 3016502617. He reached the Heroic tier in the last Ranked Battle Royale season and is currently at the Diamond 3 tier in the current season. As for Clash Squad mode, he is Diamond 1 at the moment.

Ashwin Free Fire Id

Check out below for more detail about his stats in Free Fire MAX.

Ashwin Free Fire Stats
DC Ashwin Free Fire MAX Battle Royale lifetime stats.

DC Ashwin has played a total of 7449 Squad games in the Battle Royale mode. He won 977 games, which translates to a win rate of 13.11%. He claimed 15,267 kills during those matches and has a K/D ratio of 2.36.

In Duo mode, the YouTuber played a total of 2569 matches and won 265 of them. His win rate in this mode is 10.31%. He earned a total of 4465 kills and a K/D ratio of 1.94.

In Solo mode, he only played 441 matches in total with 19 victories and a win rate of 4.3%. His K/D ratio in Solo mode is 1.64  with a total of 692 kills.

Overall , his stat is nothing too impressive when compared to other popular streamers and players, which is fine as long as his videos are entertaining.

DC Ashwin’s YouTube earnings

According to SocialBlade, the DARK CREW Official YouTube channel got more than 53 million views over the last 30 days. They estimated that the channel earned between $13.4K - $213.8K based a month based on the number of views.

Social Blade Ashwin
DC Ashwin’s YouTube channel earnings according to Social Blade.

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