Free Fire is one of the most customizable shooter games, with players being able to build their loadout using character skins, weapon skins and pets. While often overlooked, pets are powerful and possess unique skills that no normal character would have.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 most useful pets in Free Fire Battle Royale mode OB36.

1. Dr. Beanie

Crouching has always been useful in Free Fire. It gives the player a lower profile and makes it hard for enemies to hit them (especially if they are on higher ground). Furthermore, it also reduces the sounds your footsteps make. The only thing that balances it is the lower mobility while crouched. Players are slowed down 50% compared to normal movement speed.

Dr Beanie duck Dashy Duckwalk
Dashy Duckwalk allows players to sneak around faster, which could be useful in hiding footsteps.

Dr. Beanie's skill is a passive ability called "Dashy Duckwalk". It buffs the movement speed while crouched by 30/45/60% at level 1/2/3. As snipers usually crouch when firing, Dr. Beanie is actually pretty useful.

2. Yeti

The Yeti's ability is called "Frost Fortress", which lowers the damage suffered from explosives. At the first level, it is a 15% reduction in the damage every 150 seconds. When maxed, 30% damage is reduced every 90 seconds.

Free Fire Grenade Tricks 3
Grenades are crucial in combat

Overall, the Yeti is a solid pet that protects player from grenade damage. It would definitely be a popular pet for aggressive players and can be incorporated in many rushing strategies. Beside grenade damage, it can also protect players from explosive crossbows, hand cannons and grenade launchers.

3. Moony

Moony is the third flying pet in Free Fire. It is an alien wearing a hip-hop costume while sitting on a flying saucer. Overall, the pet looks really outlandish and stylish - much weirder than the usual pets in the game.

Moony Pet
Moony Pet in Free Fire

His ability is a passive skill called Paranormal Protection. This name is rather weird, as Moony is an alien and not a supernatural creature. With this pet equipped, the owner would take up to 35% less damage while in an interaction countdown (using Medkit, repairing...etc).

While this ability might sound useless, it actually has some niche usage in this fast-paced meta. For example, if you are healing using medkit in the middle of combat with Maxim's skill, even if enemies catch up, the bonus damage reduction would still give you an edge.

4. Hoot

Hoot is a flying owl pet with a passive skill named "Far Sighted". It adds a 10m range when using scanning items and skills, while also increasing the duration of scans. At the highest level, the duration of scanning items is increased by 2.5 seconds.

E9e34 16572138062605 1920
New Hoot pet in Free Fire OB35 Advance Server

Overall, this pet is going to be moderately useful, especially in combination with the Clu character. Her skill, Tracing Steps, locate the positions of enemies within 75m who are not in a prone or squat position. With the pet, the range would increase to 85m and the duration would increase to 12.5s.

5. Mr. Waggor

Mr. Waggor's ability provides you with an unlimited supply of Gloo Grenades. If you have less than 2, it would give you one every 100s. Overall, Mr. Waggor is one of the most useful pets in the game, especially in the Battle Royale mode in which Gloo Walls are always needed.

Mr. Waggor
Mr. Waggor is a penguin.

A single Gloo Wall could provide you with a cover that might save your life, especially in the later phases of the match.

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