DC Rohit is a rising Free Fire Youtuber, and content creator in India. He is also commonly known as Dark Crew Rohit. Rohit runs the Dark Crew Official YouTube channel along with DC Ashwin. They reached 1.61 million subscribers and a total of 351 million views so far.

In this article, we will show you everything you need to know about DC Rohit Free Fire.

DC Rohit’s Free Fire MAX ID and stats

DC Rohit’s Free Fire MAX ID is 730660286. His account is at level 74 at the moment with more than 22 thousand likes. His ranks in Battle Royale and Clash Squad are Heroic and Gold III, respectively. Let's take a more detailed look at his stats in the game below.

Rohit Free Fire
DC Rohit Free Fire MAX profile and ID.

Battle Royale all-time stats

DC Rohit played a total of 10693 Squad games and won 1226 of them. This translates to an 11.46% win rate. He took down a total of 32016 players, which is a K/D ratio of 3.38.

In Duo mode, the YouTuber completed 4906 games with 449 victories. His win rate is 9.15% in this mode. With 11996 kills, he got a K/D ratio of 2.69.

In Solo mode, DC Rohit played 3804 with a win rate of 8.14% and 310 victories. He got a total of 10196 kills and a K/D ratio of 2.92.

Overall, he has decent win rates and a K/D ratio across all modes in the Battle Royale mode.

Dc Rohit Br Stat
Battle Royale all-time stats of DC Rohit in Free Fire MAX.

DC Rohit YouTube earning

The Dark Crew Official YouTube channel got almost 60 million views over the last 30 days. SocialBlade estimated that the earnings of the channel are somewhere between the range of $15K and $239.7K.

Apart from the main channel, Rohit also has the "DC Rohit vlogs” and “Dc Rohit" with 5.13k subscribers and 4.95k subscribers, respectively.

Rohit Earning
DC Rohit YouTube earning according to SocialBlade.

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