Originally released last year, Dead Cells from developer Motion Twin quickly went on to earn several Game of the Year nominations - rightfully so too, as it’s one of the best roguelike games released in recent memory, featuring a superb combat system and some of the most violent and satisfying action we’ve seen from a game of this type. Now, after what feels like forever – partly due to a pretty long delay from the expected release date of July 17 – the game has finally made its way to the App Store.

Dead Cells iOS Launch Trailer

We first reported on the mobile version of Dead Cells back in May when it was confirmed by Motion Twin, with Playdigious being the one handling the port. It’s regarded by many as a masterful roguelike platformer, but if you have not looked into it yet, then this is basically a dark-fantasy-themed action game in which you, an undead prisoner, have to try to escape and explore a massive castle full of danger. Having undergone some shady experiments, you are now caught in a cycle of endless death and resurrection, which is the perfect setting for the roguelike elements to come in.

Dead Cells Theme
Having undergone some shady experiments, you are now caught in a cycle of endless death and resurrection

Still, all the praises aside, it remains to be seen how well Dead Cells will adapt to the touchscreen, given that this is an incredibly fast-paced and challenging game that requires precise controls. We do know for a fact that the game does come with support for MFi controllers at launch, which is nice, and the dev team has certainly invested a lot of effort into tweaking the on-screen UI. There’s also an option to automatically attack enemies, which will no doubt reduce the number of frantic taps you need to land. All in all, it looks like a pretty quality port, although we’ll have to actually give it a try to say for sure.

Deadcells 09
How well can the game adjust to the touchscreen?

The iOS version of Dead Cells mobile is currently going for $7.99 (Rs 550), which might sound a bit expensive for a mobile title but is actually a really nice deal if you consider that the PC version costs $24.99 (Rs 1710). As for the Android version, there is still no release date confirmed yet, but we can expect it to arrive pretty soon.