The 3.0 update of Genshin Impact brings a brand new Element into the game, with a rather complicated list of reactions. Overall, it boosts the weaker elements like Electro and Hydro greatly, opening up new team comps with different builds.

Currently, there are three Dendro characters players can build a team around: Tighnari, Collei, and Dendro MC (the latter two are free). In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 best Dendro team comps in Genshin Impact 3.0.

1. Bloom Freeze Team

  • Hydro DPS + Collei/Dendro MC+ any Cryo Support + Sucrose/Kazuha

The problem with the Bloom reaction is that it takes some time for the Dendro Cores to explode. This means players need to CC enemies in place to wait for it.

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The average Bloom Freeze team with a Hydro DPS.

This team comp can definitely deal with that issue by adding one Cryo character into the lineup. As Cryo does not react with Dendro at all, players can freely trigger freeze at any time without breaking their combo. Sucrose/Kazuha is here to provide a bit of reaction damage with their EM boost.

Any Hydro character with infusion can serve as the main DPS of the team - from Kokomi to Childe and Ayato. Players can also run two Dendro supports instead of one to increase the damage of the Dendro reactions, as they trigger the Dendro Resonance effect for extra EM.

2. Quicken Team

  • 2 Dendro and 2 Electro character

This is the premium team for this patch. While the Quicken reaction has two variants, they are essentially the same - one deal flat Dendro damage while the other deal flat Electro damage. Unlike the bloom reaction that can also react with Pyro, the Quicken reaction can be completed with only two elements and therefore easier to play.

Quicken Team
The average quicken team

Additionally, if you run two Dendro, it is best to have the support carry the Gilded Dreams set while the main DPS carry the Deepwood Memories set.

Tighnari support

If players use the Electro part of the team as main DPS, just spam the ability of the Dendro character first then switch to the Electro characters to trigger quicken and deal damage. The bursts of all three Dendro characters so far are the ability to create a Dendro field, making them excellent off-field supports.

Genshin Impact Baal Build Raiden Shogun
If players already have Raiden built, using Tighnari as a support is easier.

The top lineup here is the Raiden Shogun + Yae Miko combo. In this team, Raiden will serve as the main DPS while supporting all other characters at the same time. Yae is sub DPS with Burst damage and turrets to trigger Quicken.

Players can replace an Electro character with an Anemo support such as Kazuha or Sucrose. Besides boosting reaction damage, they can also carry the Venerer set to swirl Electro for RES reduction.

Tighnari DPS

This variant of the Quicken Team has players run Tighnari as the main DPS with his powerful Charged shots instead of the off-field Sub DPS role. The support of this team comp should be off-field Electro applicators like Fischl or Kuki Shinobu. Players can run both for more consistency.

Tighnari Weapon
Tighnari will need a bit of investment to be effective.

It is possible to switch out one Electro or Dendro support for a utility character like Zhongli or Kazuha. Just remember that the utility character needs to have an element that doesn't react with Dendro or Electro to avoid breaking the combo.

The prime support choice is still Kazuha, of course, with his extra EM boost and the ability to carry the Venerer set.

3. Quicken/Hyperbloom Team

  • Electro DPS + Xingqiu/Yelan + Dendro MC + Kazuha/Sucrose

This lineup is more or less a quicken team but with an extra Bloom/Hyperbloom reaction on top. In this team, players would just place their Dendro turret, summon Rainswords/Dice, then attack with the Electro main DPS  (Keqing, Raiden Shogun, Yae...etc). The Electro and Hydro attacks will trigger Bloom and Quicken repeatedly... and when Electro hits the Dendro Cores, Hyperbloom triggers to deal extra Dendro DMG.

Quicken Hyperbloom
A quicken/hyperbloom lineup

Overall this team is fairly easy to play and build up, with players likely already have Xingqiu and a good Electro DPS. The last slot can be pretty flexible - instead of Kazuha/Sucrose, players can add another Dendro character for more consistent triggers.

4. Tighnari Bloom Team

  • Tighnari + Xingqiu/Yelan + Cryo Support + Kazuha/Sucrose

While Tighnari is most effective in a Quicken team, he can also be useful in a Bloom Freeze team as the main DPS. With his powerful Dendro charged shots, players can trigger bloom fairly consistently.

Vat Lieu Genshin Impact Tighnari Tat Ca Vat Lieu T
Players can definitely run a Bloom lineup with a Dendro main DPS.

With support from Xingqiu/Yelan and a Cryo support, players can sneak in a normal attack once in awhile to freeze enemies. Kazuha/Sucrose has the same role as in previous comps - they provide crowd control and extra EM. Players can replace them with a Dendro/Electro support to increase utility.

5. Burgeon Team

  • Thoma + Childe + Dendro MC + Collei

This team comp focuses on creating Dendro Cores with a Hydro Main DPS and then triggering the Burgeon reaction with off-field Pyro application from Thoma's Elemental Burst. The Dendro MC and Childe can do this fairly consistently, with the latter being the main DPS of the team.

Burgeon team with Childe as main DPS.

While Burgeon can deal decent damage to enemies, it will also hurt the active character. Therefore, Thoma is useful as his skill provides players with a shield. Thoma will need an ER/EM/EM set for this build. Be careful not to set the Dendro Traveler's Lamp on fire.

The last slot can be anything, but most people pick Collei for the Dendro resonance and increased consistency in Bloom triggers.

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